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Driveways Glasgow West

S&D provide a full driveway supply and installation service to customers in the west-end of Glasgow.

Getting value for money with your chosen driveway

There is no denying that the last few years have seen many people struggle financially; the last thing of many Glasgow West homeowners minds are driveways. In fact, the driveway is usuall the last job on a long list of renovation but, with the economy showing signs of burst back into life, many people are once again looking to sell their properties – and a well-designed driveway can make all the difference.

So, before you part with your hard-earned cash, driveways at Glasgow West properties come in all different shapes and sizes, with some benefitting from certain kinds of materials and construction. To get you thinking about how you want your finished driveway to look, read our handy guide…

Why choose…?

  • Gravel

Quick and easy to install, customers enjoy the finished look and appeal of the driveway, along with the fact that it is a free-draining material, always a plus with so many of us keeping one eye on the ‘green credentials’ of our properties and habits. Economical too, gravel is a hot favourite of many customers seeking new driveways in Glasgow West.

Don’t bother if…

You are not one for gardening or spending time pottering with ‘maintenance’ jobs around the home and garden, as gravel driveways do need some attention from time to time, from sweeping off leaves to pulling out weeds.

However, not all driveways in and around Glasgow West are candidates for gravel; steep, sloping driveways are better constructed from other hard materials. Being loose, with the first heavy down pour you will be sweeping gravel from the road back onto your driveway.

  • Cobbles

Now available in pavers (small squares that when laid together give the impression of individual cobbles), offering a more stable surface than gravel.

BUT… badly laid, and they will lift and twist, failing to provide the finish and look, as well as the functionality you need. The best advice when it comes to this material is to get a specialist company to lay the pavers; most mistakes are made at the structural or foundation level. Not getting this right, means the pavers slip and slide.

You will also need to do some weeding every now and then, but nothing like the gravel driveway maintenance talked about earlier. Avoid the use of powerwashers too on these cobble pavers as they can ‘wash out’ the colour over time. Again detracting from the original purpose of creating a stunning driveway.

There are many, many other material for driveways, offering the Glasgow West customer even more choice but why not call S&D Projects? With vast experience if laying driveways, you could have an amazing and functional driveway in next to no time!

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