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Driveways Glasgow South

S&D provide a full driveway supply and installation service to customers in the south-side of Glasgow.

Gravel – is it the right driveway material?

With so many choices of materials, so many decisions to make on design, shape and size, along with a whole host of structural and foundation considerations, it is no wonder that when it comes to driveways, many Glasgow South customers end up being confused.

With this in mind, we have taken the opportunity to look at one specific material – gravel. An increasingly popular choice for driveways, it does take some looking after but, follow our quick and useful guide below and may find that gravel is THE perfect driveway material for your property.

It is almost a ‘living’ material

Gravel is a loose material; it will move. Although Glasgow South customers want smooth, level gravel driveway but, unless you do NOT drive on it, walk on it or use it at all, you are unlikely to get this feel or maintain this smooth, level ‘look’. As you drive over it, craters or potholes, or even dents if you like, will appear and you will need to deal with these imperfections; if you don’t, they simply get bigger.

The moral of the Gravel Driveway Story – unless you are prepared to put some time in looking after it, you will not have the driveway you hanker after.


A common mistake with do-it-yourself gravel driveways we comes across in Glasgow South and beyond, is they are too thin. Not enough gravel will mean it gets pushed into the ground, eventually disappearing.

Likewise, making sure you get the ‘right’ gravel is essential too in ensuring functionality. Pea-sized stones, with sharp edges work better than roundish stones.

Quick fix maintenance

The key term here is ‘quick fix’; potholes are common on gravel driveways, re-arranging the gravel to smooth it over is all well and good but it is now weaker in that spot… hence it will happen again and so the solution is…

Invest in a professional company and their expertise

To repair gravel driveways properly, Glasgow North customers will need to invest in the services of a local driveway company with not only their advance know-how but also their machinery to compact the driveway.

Weather can be your worst nightmare

From snow to excess downpours, weather can play havoc with your gravel driveway but, get a specialist company in to create driveways fit for any weather is a great place to start, but attempting to clear snow from a gravel driveway is not only back breaking BUT also means your drive could be unrecognisable by the time you see it again…

Driveways need not be complex or difficult decisions; get the right advice from the start to create the perfect driveway!

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