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Driveways Glasgow North

S&D provide a full driveway supply and installation service to customers in the north  of Glasgow.

Your driveway: worth the attention?

Imagine that, if money was no object, how would you transform your Glasgow North property? Maybe you would start with the interior, making it modern and airy, followed by landscaped garden, maybe even an addition of a tennis court if you can fit it in.

You might employ gardeners and landscape designers to create a stunning garden, just right for you and your family. But what about the driveway?

All too long, driveways across Glasgow North have been the poor relation when it comes to landscaping and renovation projects. But, with thought, a flair for design and a brilliant contractor, your driveway can be more than just ‘an afterthought’. It could be the central piece of your property exterior!

A Grand Entrance

Lucky enough to have lots of outside space? Great! Think about making a grand gesture, with a sweeping driveway that incorporates low planting on either side, either awash with bright colours or settle for more muted tones. Either way, these driveways are a journey to the property.

Or, tone it down…?

Not everyone likes this grand, sweeping, huge driveway but there are things that can be done to alter its appearance. If money is no object, then you can simply tear it up and get the whole thing re-designed to your liking.

Or, if money is not quite so spare, then there are small things that can be done that can make a whole world of difference. Some Glasgow North customers, opt for driveways with a central ‘plant reservation’; this central strip can either be grassed or drought-tolerant plants can also be used. Planting and other features can also be used to break up what some people see, as a driveway that is too big, dominating their property.

Long, straight driveways

Some Glasgow North customers also have driveways that are long and straight; using tarmac or concrete may give the unfortunate appearance of a runway, not the intended end result. There are many solutions to this, from landscaping to the materials used. Have you thought about suing gravel in the case of a long driveway? Stops the runway look and also gives a very satisfying crunch under foot.

The sloping driveway

Driveways that slope, many Glasgow North customers think, are a nuisance that means their choice of materials and designs are limited – wrong! Sloping driveways can allow a whole host of hard landscaping features to be incorporated from stepped planting area running along the edges to planting ‘zones’, adding pockets of interest and colour, that are also easy to reach.

There is a design and a solution for all driveways! Find out more from S&D Projects.

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