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Driveways Glasgow East

S&D provide a full driveway supply and installation service to customers in the east end of Glasgow.

Concrete: the hardest material known to man… but maintain it!

Driveways at Glasgow East properties, from domestic to business premises, are made from all manner of different materials, and come in all shapes and sizes. Concrete is a material that is a driveway favourite.

It is easy to see why; easy to pour and manipulate into any shape wanted, once laid and set it will offer a longevity in useful life that other materials can only aspire to. And with adding both colour and patterns to transform Glasgow East concrete driveways, it is no wonder its popularity is on the rise again.

Another big plus when it comes to concrete as a driveway material is the fact that the maintenance needed is virtually zero. However, as firm advocates of you ‘get back what you put in’, spending a little time and energy to look after concrete driveways means that Glasgow East properties really will have a drive that will last a lifetime (and beyond).

Clean it and seal it…. And then clean it and re-seal it again

Concrete only has a long life it is sealed and cleaned on a regular basis, with a definition of regular in this sense being every 2 years or so. Or, when the finish of the drive begins to show ‘wear and tear’, whichever comes sooner.

Sealers are available from high quality hard ware stores or, if you are unsure, you can contact a contact like S & D Projects for an idea of how much cleaning and re-sealing a drive will be. If doing it yourself, read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully!

Stains – get rid of them!

Not only do they look unsightly but, if left, over time they will permanently discolour the driveway and your hard-earned cash will have effectively been wasted. The best way of cleaning concrete driveways, most Glasgow East customers find, is the use of a pressure washer. With gentle, yet effective cleaning and power, even the fiercest looking of stains will disappear.

But watch the chemicals you do use…

Concrete, despite being one the hardest known materials to man, does have weaknesses – and one is the fact that high-strength chemicals, should they begin to permeate the inner layers of concrete, will start to cause it to weaken and possibly break down.

The moral of this story is, check the chemicals you intend using on your driveway from de-icing chemicals – rock salt causes far less damage than other treatments – along with any cleaning products you use too. There are a variety of cleaners that can be used on concrete driveways at Glasgow east properties.

Used by Egyptians, the ingredients for concrete have changed little over the centuries and despite being applauded for its durability, it still needs treating with care – domestic concrete driveways possibly will not withstand heavy machinery so don’t invite the local tipper truck company to park on your drive…

Contact S&D Projects for all your driveway projects in the east-end of Glasgow.

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