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uPVC Windows Glasgow

S&D provide a full uPVC Windows Glasgow supply and installation service to customers in Glasgow.

uPVC Windows Company Glasgow

uPVC windows for your Glasgow Home or Business: worth the investment

Take a walk in any village, town or city in Scotland and beyond, and you will notice that a large number of the properties – both domestic and business – have uPVC windows and doors.

With many people looking to either install new or upgrade their current windows with uPVC windows at their Glasgow properties, are they the windows that offer the best in energy efficiency or is it because they are cheaper alternatives to other types of framed windows.

What are the pros and cons of uPVC windows at your Glasgow home?



uPVC windows at your Glasgow property will see them perform incredibly weather resistant. Being non-porous, the rain simply bounces off.

Many people think that uPVC window frames are somewhat uninspiring… hence if you want bespoke or customised windows for your property that these windows may not be your first choice.

uPVC for those people environmentally conscious will be pleased to know that they are recyclable and, once made, do not impact on the environment.

Although the fact that they are cheap, some property pundits suggest that they also decrease the value of property, especially those that homes and buildings that need bespoke double glazing and customised frames. However, for modern properties in and around Glasgow, many people opt for uPVC windows as they are well within budget.

There is very little maintenance needed of the installed uPVC windows at your Glasgow property. Rather than sanding down, followed by a coat of paint, all these frames and windows will need is a wash with warm, soapy water. Hinges and locks may need oiling form time to time, but nothing more.

Once made, uPVC windows are not harmful to the environment but climate commentators will tell you that any product made from plastic, not just uPVC frames, give off dangerous fumes when made and when they are destroyed.

Neither do these types of frames warp or lose shape over time; incredibly strong, an uPVC frame will keep its structure.

Poor quality uPVC windows at your Glasgow property can become brittle over time, as well as discolour but, this does take decades rather than a few months! Should this start to happen, you will find that the frames are unfixable and will need to be replaced.

uPVC windows at your Glasgow property could last for up to 35 years, although this will depend on the quality and fitting of the windows.

Wood comes from trees and there is opportunity to re-plant and grow new ones BUT, with plastic it is made from oil, a source that is non-renewable and running out fast.

There are many pros and cons to installing uPVC windows at your Glasgow property; why not take another look and get some more advice?

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