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Glasgow Double-Glazing Windows Company

S&D provide a full double-glazing windows supply and installation service to customers in Glasgow.

Get to know the double glazing technology!

We all know about double glazing and about how installation of it around our properties – both windows and doors – can save us money on fuel bills; less heat is lost through windows and ill-fitting doors, so we use less energy to heat our homes.

But, as any professional Glasgow double-glazing windows company will tell you, they need to look visually attractive too. But, are all double glazing units the same? Are some better than others? And what should we be looking out for when it comes to choosing double glazed units?

Window Energy Ratings (WER’s)

You may think that all windows and double glazed doors are the same but it is important to check the WER of the window glass itself. The British Fenestration Ration Council, along with other bodies in the UK, have created various standards for double glazing etc. so that customers now when they investing in a high quality product or not. Clearly, if a Glasgow double-glazing windows company is offering windows without a WER, these should be cheaper than those that are rated.

Choosing double glazed units etc. from known and trusted sources is important, for your own peace of mind and assured quality.

What to look for in your double glazed units…

There are 4 possible components t a double glazed windows:

  • The glass
  • A spacer bar
  • The sealant
  • And the in-fill gas, although this is not on cheaper versions of double glazed windows.

The window consists of two panes of glass, separated by the spacer bar. In order for the unit to be successful in preventing heat loss etc., there needs to be a minimum space between the two panes, with most modern versions having a gap of around 20mm.

Once built, the unit is then sealed with a high-grade sealant that creates a perfectly sealed unit. If this seal becomes compromised, condensation will be seen between the two panes of glass; in this case, the window may not be working as effectively and a Glasgow double-glazing windows company can replace the unit.

Some double glazed window units have a gas in between the two panes of glass as research has shown this offers even better loss-prevention within the home. Expect to pay more for such windows but if you believe these units will be beneficial, make sure you get the right advice from a reputable Glasgow double-glazing windows company.

The technologies and production methods behind double glazing have moved on so much in the last few years, that a Glasgow double-glazing windows company can now offer the customer even more choice. Why not call us to talk through all the options?


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