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Patio Maintenance Tips

Keeping your patio in tip top condition is easy with these quick and easy maintenance tips…

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#1 Weeding between pavers

If your patio is made up of individual paving or patio flags, you may notice the odd weed or two poking its head through the joints between them. These weeds are rarely deep rooted and can be pulled out with your fingers.

However, if you do come across a few stubborn ones, there are special weeding implements that are worth investing in that make it easy and quick to weed the joints. Keeping your patio weed free is one of those patio maintenance tips that will elongate its life too.

#2 Wash the concrete

Concrete patios are favoured by many clients, simply because they are quick and easy to install. A mild detergent and stiff-bristled brush can work wonders to wash away the grime and residue of winter.

Power washers are also great for working away the top layer of grime on concrete but take care. The power of the jet water is such that for those with coloured and/or stamped concrete may find that some of this colours and pattern is washed away as the power of the water can be abrasive. If you do use a power washer, we suggest not using it in a concentrated spot for too long and taking care with as a whole.

#3 Add a pergola

Patios are a fantastic place to enjoy the summer sun but without shade, they can be too hot. With this in mind, instead of taking up space with a summer brolly, why not invest in a built, wooden pergola instead?

Supported by heavy posts, the cross beams that form the ‘roof’ make for a great trellis for plants. Not only will these climbing plants provide dappled shade, they will also add a pleasant fragrance to the patio too, making it an even more pleasant place to sit and relax.

#4 Summer accessories

The summer months should be about getting out and enjoying your garden, spending time relaxing, playing with the kids and so on. The patio makes the perfect platform for a BBQ, sun loungers and so on.

Accessorising the patio is a way of making it a more comfortable place which is why investing rugs and cushions, made from special material perfect for the outdoors, is a great idea. They can be bought in a variety of colours and really make the patio and outdoor space that everyone will love.

Our patio maintenance tips will make your patio the perfect place to relax and enjoy the summer, and your garden too. How do you keep your patio in tip top condition?

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