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Decking Maintenance Tips

You have spent a fair bit of your budget creating the perfect decking space in your garden but it might be starting to look a little old and tired.

This doesn’t mean that it is time to rip it up and start again, because decking can, with a little TLC, look good for a long time. It will also function much better if you spend some time looking after it too.

With this in mind, we have put together these three tips that tell you all you need to know about not only getting the best from your decking but keeping it looking great too…

#1 Clean

In most cases, a good clean is all that is needed to bring about the decking to its former glory. Over time, with debris, detritus and weather impacting on the surface, the wood decking can start to look discoloured and grubby.

A warm bucket of water with a mild, environmentally friendly detergent and a stiff bristled broom can work wonders. The power washer can also work well on decking but take care not to concentrate on one spot for too long as this can create an indent or, at worst, a hole in the deck, not the look you are wanting.

#2 Restore

Now that you have cleaned your deck, you can now look to restoring it. There are a wide variety of products you can use to do this.

Coloured stain or paint is a great way of restoring decking, as well as adding colour and interest to your garden. There are also a variety of oils and varnishes suitable for outdoor decking use.

The important part of restoration is fixing any weak parts of the decking. Decking planks can be easily removed and replaced, perfect for when there is a weak spot or issue. Likewise, check the balustrade for any problems too and make sure that these are repaired.

#3 Protect

Your decking with stand up to all kinds of weather and use. From scorching, drying sun, to lashings of rain, along with garden parties, BBQs and kids toys, the decking can withstand most things and do so well.

It does, however, need a little help from time to time. Once you have washed and repaired it – if needed – you can now go ahead and apply a protective layer. This can be anything from two coats of paint or stain, to varnish. There are also some protective treatments that you can buy from reputable hardware or garden centre stores.

These three tips need to be followed in sequence, as trying to repair or protect your decking before cleaning it means that some of the debris or dirt that are causing problems will be deeper ingrained into the decking.

All you need to do now is enjoying the decking and the versatility it brings your garden!

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