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7 Landscaping Trends in 2016

Love your garden but want to give it a modern look for the coming year? We have the latest landscaping trends for 2016 right here…

Dark coloured structures

From fencing panels to wooden furniture, if you are going to grab a paint pot this year, make sure you opt for white, brown or grey as the backdrop to your garden. The darker the better too, or so it seems. Garden designers say that vibrant fence panels have had their day.

Subtlety in the garden

Gardens don’t always have to over the top so rather that mixing and contrasting as many colours as you possibly can. Gardening experts suggest choosing a colour palette and sticking with it or, if you are feeling really brave, just choose the one colour and stick with it.

Veg growing in small spaces

From lettuce to tomato vines to any vegetable you can think, you can grow it in a small space. You don’t need an allotment to grow veg, say gardening experts with a landscaping trend in 2016 being mixing you veg in with your flowers, whether that is a border or plant pot.

Redefining outdoor experience

Some people have great looking gardens beautifully sculpted and well-designed but how much do you see them enjoying it? Landscape trends in 2016 point to us using our gardens more for eating, playing, relaxing and living. Take a long hard look at your outdoor space – how much do you really use it? What needs to change to entice you outdoors?


Some of the gardening programmes from the 1990s created some stunning gardens but they came with a price – maintenance. To keep it looking good, it took hours of tending, pruning, weeding as well as fresh layers of gravel and so on. There is no doubting one landscape trend in 2016 and that is to create a garden that is manageable; this doesn’t necessarily mean minimal maintenance because you might enjoy pottering in the garden thus ‘manageable’ means different things to different people.

Water butts with a difference

Every keen gardener will have a water butt to collect rainwater to share around the garden in the drier months of summer. At one time, a large vat would do but now, adding sustainability to the garden has just been beautified. Rather than building a rain garden, experts are suggesting building a pond like structure to collect rainwater, adding various cleansing plants to it but then using this water when you need it in summer.

Lighting with an app!

There seems to be an app for everything these days and there are plenty for the garden too. Lighting is always a welcome addition to the garden and now you can control the mood with an app on your smart phone.

Bringing technology to the garden is just one landscaping trend for 2016. What will you add to your garden this year?

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