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How a House Extension Can Help Sell Your Home

When it comes to selling a property, it can seem a mystery as to why some properties fly off the market but others can remain with the ‘For Sale’ sign outside for months, sometimes years.

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Of course, the buoyancy of the market has a lot to do with how fast your property sells – when mortgages are being given to buyers readily, there are plenty of buyers looking for their next home. When the economy is slow or showing signs of struggling, it is the housing market that is first to take a hit.

That aside, there are several factors that influence how people see your property, how they see the value increasing in the property as well as some of the basics of staging your property; in other words, making it look its best for prospective buyers.

How a house extension can help sell your home is not so difficult to understand when you realise what buyers are looking for…

#1 Flow of the interior

When we live in our home, we become accustomed to what it can offer. But have you ever wished for something to be different? For example, wishing a door opened the other way or the wall was 10cm to the right or not there at all and so on. These small factors do impact on how well the property flows from one room to another, and how easy it is to live in a property.

A house extension can really make a big impact on how we use a space. If the extension adds an extra room downstairs, how well does it fit with the layout? If it is ‘just another room’, it may not add the wow factor you are looking for.

#2 Living space

Bedrooms are important but as long as they are of a good size – the dimensions of which will vary from buyer to buyer – it is the living space that can clinch the deal, or not.

This is an important factor in how a house extension can help sell your home. The extra square feet of floor space that it adds to your property can certainly add value to your property, as well as making it far more sellable.

#3 Room layout

Hopefully when you designed and built the extension, you paid some heed to how the extension would fit with the existing room layout. As part of this project, you may also have realised the changes that were needed to make the layout of the room better too.

Marketing your property, placing it in the right price bracket to encourage a sale are also key factors in garnering interest in your property but there is no doubt the role a well-designed house extension plays in selling a property.

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