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Beautiful Patios for Your Garden

Your garden is a place for the kids to play, a place to entertain and relax. With so much needed from your outdoor space, the addition of a patio is a great way of adding usability and versatility to your garden.

But what are the current trends when it comes to creating beautiful patios for your garden?


#1 Add a water feature

Running water, gently cascading over a water fall or bubbling over rocks and pebbles will have an instant relaxing affect. If your patio is the place you plan on relaxing in the sun, or enjoying summer sunsets, then adding a water feature is a great way of letting the excitement of the day be soothed away.

#2 Add lighting

The addition of lights instantly adds a sense of grandeur and elegance, making it one of the favoured options for beautiful patios for your garden. Lighting means you can enjoy the patio at dusk, watching the colours change as night falls. But, if you are worried about the electricity bill, opt for solar panel lights. Far more sophisticated, these lights can give a gentle glow about the patio that makes it look and feel delightful.

#3 Add shade

The patio may be the sun trap of your garden and this may be great but, do you always want to sit in glaring sun? If the answer is no, then you need to add some shade. There are two great ways of adding shade that are currently on-trend:

  • Pergola andplanting – a pergola is a built stricture that is added to a patio onto which many people will train climbing plants. You can go an extra step and have the roof covered over so your patio becomes the place to sit when the rain starts to fall. There is nothing as romantic as listening to rain drops on a roof!
  • Sails – sails are no longer just for boats! Add a few poles around the patio and then fix a sail across the patio. The shade moves as the sun crosses the sky too. Incredibly robust and is a great idea for creating beautiful patios for your garden.

#4 Add a hot tub

Up until recently, the garden has been a place for plants and lazing about reading a book. It was the place the kids played, imaging all kinds of wonderful adventures. The patio was simple a stable pieces of ground, a platform on which you could place your deck chair and enjoy the sun.

But the garden is changing. It is no longer just for BBQs, it is a place to entertain and to enjoy – and do this all year round. The addition of a hot tub on your patio really is fabulous. You can make it a permanent feature or take a look at some of the robust, inflatable hot tubs that can be removed when not in use.

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