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What are the Driveway Options for Your Property?

The driveway is an integral and functional aspect of your home or business. It helps to form the right impression of your property, as well as being a place on which vehicles can be parked, kids can play and so on.


If you are considering improving or creating a new drive, you may be wondering what the driveway options are for your property. Here are a few ideas:


Driveways need to be functional and in proportion with your home. This means that you can take over the whole of the front garden area for a driveway or, you can opt to use the minimum needed, retaining a garden or lawned area. A driveway does not have to be huge but in proportion with your needs.


Drainage, rainwater run-off and so on are key environmental considerations. With localised flooding being an issue across many towns, cities and villages the need for effective drainage is important. However, this no longer means allowing rainwater run off to enter the storm drains but rather encourage it to filter through the ground as it should, supporting the water table beneath.

If not done correctly, however, poor drainage can lead to a driveway moving, heaving or slipping, as well as pooling of water on the top surface of the driveway which can also cause problems.


Most people assume that the most important layer is the upper most layer, the one that you can see. In some ways, it is. After all, you want a driveway that is functional and practical, as well as in keeping with the aesthetic appeal of your property.

You also need to be confident that the foundations of the driveway have been prepared and constructed in a way that ensures water can drain through correctly; too slow and the foundations become waterlogged, but too fast also contributes to shortening the life of a driveway.


Another of the driveway options for you to consider is shape and design. Some people opt for a minimalist approach – they use the front garden as a driveway – but other people prefer to sink the driveway into the garden, softening the edges with plants and so on.


Like most home improvement projects, how much you have to spend on the various driveway options is key to getting the right driveway at the right price. Set a budget for your driveway project and stick to it!

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