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The Benefits of New Double-Glazing Windows

Double glazing windows have been around for some years. It started to become available in the mid-1970s but it was the 1980s when double glazing entered its boom years.

If you had double glazed windows installed in the 1980s, although it may still be doing a great job, it is unlikely to be as energy efficient as modern-day double glazed windows deliver a high level of efficiency and more…

#1 Save More Money on Heating Bills

Experts suggest that when it comes to single pane windows, up to 26% of heat can be lost and this statistic reduces slightly for older double glazed windows. With modern double glazed windows, heat loss is reduced even more.

With energy efficient glass that also traps the sun’s solar energy, you can save even more on your heating bills as they trap the warmth from the sun, perfect for keeping your home warmer for longer. 

#2 Reduce Noise Pollution Even More

Another of the fantastic benefits of new double-glazing windows is the fact that they make your home even more comfortable, and this means reducing noise pollution in your home.

Especially important if you live on a busy street, double glazing can stop traffic noise from penetrating into your home. Wouldn’t that be great at night time?

#3 Improved home security

Double glazed windows and doors both offer an improved level of security at your home because the windows are far harder to break than a single pane window.

But this isn’t all. One of the many benefits of new double-glazing windows is that they also boast increased security within the frame too. This means that the windows are lockable and far more difficult to force open.

#4 Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Your carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere because of activities such as heating and lighting your home.

When you home is better insulated, you will use less energy to heat your home and with new double-glazing window and doors, you home will be insulated well, leading to spending a lot less of energy and thus reducing your carbon footprint.

#5 Low maintenance

No one wants to spend their weekends painting window frames and this is why double glazed windows are the perfect option as maintenance is minimal.

#6 Make Your Home Even More Comfortable and Pleasant

Your home looks tidy and well-kept and condensation and damp are also reduced.

#7 More Styles

And finally, a lot of the early styles of double glazing were simple: white frame surround. Today, there is a whole bunch of options when it comes to double-glazing windows and doors – find out more with S&D Projects.

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