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The 5 attributes of the best patio company in Glasgow

The patio is an important addition to the garden. It is a place where you could entertain family and friends, a flat platform on which the children could place safely and it can also be accessorised to transform it from an ugly duckling, in to a thing of beauty.

However, unless you have the tools and the skill set, creating a patio that will serve its purpose, as well as stand the test of time and the weather, looking to hire the best patio company in Glasgow is probably a shrewd move.

To get the best, look for these five attributes;

1. Expertise & skills – the addition of a patio is hard landscaping and, as such, anyone looking to build one needs some degree of skills, ability and expertise.

For example, the foundation of a patio is just as important as creating the correct layers for underneath any other kind of structure. If the foundation layers are not correct, or if they not compacted or offer enough drainage and so on, the patio will ‘move’, possible cracking or listing. It may look lovely for a few months, but come the winter and the rain, you may find your patio is not quite the flat, level platform you want it to be.

2. Experience – different areas have different soils and so on, thus the best patio company in Glasgow will understand, from experience and knowledge, that some additional kinds of foundations or material may need to be used.

3, Ideas and design – a patio no longer has to be a rectangle of concrete that lack character and flair. Traditionally, a patio is a one level platform, taken its pedigree from a Spanish courtyard with walls around it that acted as a sun trap. The modern patio does not necessarily need to be one level; with the best patio company in Glasgow, you can create an ornate patio, with levels and features – how about adding a fire pit, for example?

4. Advice and guidance – you may have great ideas… or you may have none! With a great patio company, with a reputation for being reliable and professional you will find that you get all the advice and guidance you need on creating the perfect patio for you.

5. Recommended – of course, there are all kinds of ways to find the best patio company in Glasgow, from opening up a phone book and choosing the first one listed, to spending time researching companies in your area. One of the best ways of finding the best is to look for recommendations.

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