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Garden Railing Glasgow

Landscaping your Glasgow garden – have you considered garden railings as your boundary?

Landscaping your garden is a big project, one that will take vision, time, energy and money but, with the right company completing the work, you will have an amazing garden in next to no time.

But a consideration that can be overlooked is the boundary edge of a garden; some people opt for stone walls, fencing or natural boundary in the shape of hedging. However, fencing can need maintaining with regular staining, wood can rot, hedges need cutting and stone walls can be very expensive.

However, a classic and much-loved material is making a comeback – garden railings, made from iron they add a certain elegance to your Glasgow property and garden, than only they can…

But isn’t iron expensive?

Most people are aware that the value of precious metals and metals had increased significantly in recent years, with iron being included in this increase. But, it has not increased to such an extent that it is beyond the budget when looking to install garden railing at your Glasgow property.

There are two types of iron – wrought iron and cast iron, with wrought iron being more expensive than cast. There are also other options such as iron plated railing, with the internal structure of the railing being made from concrete.

Why choose iron garden railings for your Glasgow property?

Unlike wooden fencing or stone walls etc. railings can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. With independent iron smiths making a return to British industry, it is also possible to have key parts of your railings made to your design; gates for example, can be added to your garden railings, adding a unique touch to the overall finish of your Glasgow garden.

But, many people find ‘just’ iron railings and gates too stark and being a versatile material, iron railings can have ‘warmth’ added to them by having accents of wood added to it.

And this versatility does not end there! With the right paint (specifically made for iron railings) you can paint your garden railings at your Glasgow property any colour you desire (providing it is in the colour range!). Many people opt for the classic black that forms the perfect boundary colour and backdrop for plants and shrubs in your garden.

Sounds out of your price range?

Many potential garden railings customers feel that they could be out of their budget but there are ways of making it cheaper – simpler designs, such as straight railings, will be less expensive than anything that requires attention to detail, such as intricate designs. Likewise, if you have an informal space, intricately designed garden railings may not ‘suit’ the space.

It is not often that we look to replace the boundary edge of our Glasgow garden; once your garden railings are installed, they will last for many years, decades in fact, completing the façade of your Glasgow property. Why not take another look?

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