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The Benefits of Garden Decking

The one thing you can predict is that you cannot predict the great Scottish weather! And so, you garden can be awash with colour, with luscious green lawn or the grass can all put disappear into brown, parched patches.

There again, you could have muddy puddles and no sign of any colour as everything is drenched by constant rain… and so, there are many benefits of garden decking that can stand the test of time, as well as what the elements can throw at it, providing, of course, that the decking is a well designed, built and looked after platform.


In many gardens, particularly city or town dwellers, space in the garden or outdoor space is limited. And when it is, you need to make the very best use of all of this space. Awkward corners, strange, quirky shapes and the bit where all the rubbish and recycling gets tossed and stored, can all make a small garden far less useable and comfortable.

Not only does the benefits of garden decking extend to functionality it also need to look good, matching the housing and your style of living. The structure that is built in terms of decking, therefore, is important;

  • It need to be well-thought out, taking in to account all the needs of your garden, from entertaining space to storage of ‘items’
  • There has been a trend for a long time about bringing the outside in, marrying the interior of your home to the outside in one seamless platform – decking can be this platform extending your home and outdoor space, merging it in to one.

The Finish

And in order for you to truly realise the aesthetic benefits of garden decking, you need to bear in mind the finish. You want it, in all honesty, to ooze class and appeal. And only the best wood will do or, if you prefer, a new-to-the-market, up-and-coming material known as composite.

The Style

If you think decking is a lump of a boring wood platform, just strips of wood nailed together, think again. Latest design include multi levels of decking, with glass square or viewing galleries. The addition of lights, meaning the fun can continue after dark – just invite the neighbours! – is also a well-known style and addition to many a garden decking.

Differing levels, different zones and the use of amazing accessories all make it obvious what the benefits of garden decking are – a flat platform, stylish, accessible and functional. The only limits are your imagination and your budget!


Written by S&D Projects at 12:00



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