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Summer Gardening Jobs – So Much to do But so Little Time!

Many of us take great pride in our garden. From the drudgery of wet winter weather, we watch it blossom in the spring and admire its bloom through the summer months, enjoying every second of scent and colour until the golden colours of autumn once again make way for the dormancy of winter.

But, even in the growing months of the summer, there are many summer gardening jobs to do and yet there seems to be less and less time every year to do them. Invariably, what we find is that we spend all our free time keeping on top of these garden jobs – and NOT enjoying our garden, by sitting and relaxing in it!

What needs doing?

There are many summer garden jobs but amongst the most important are:

Seasonal pruning

Some plants finish their flowering at the tail end of spring/early summer and, rather than letting the flowers die and sap energy from the plant, now is the time to prune them. This way, clipping and pruning is a great way to keep these bushes and shrubs in shape all summer too.

A general tidy up

The garden seems to flourish overnight; the warmer day time temperature, cool evenings and nights, bright sunshine and a dash of rain seems to lift everything – instantly. What can happen, is that this soon look a jungle, with competing plants and flowers. Having a general tidy up!

The lawn

Once again, a mainstay of necessary summer gardening jobs is the cutting of the lawn but take care, as cutting too short when the rain is in short(er) supply means that it can soon look burnt and parched. In dry spells, give it a good watering. Grass roots are shallow and so a good soak every now and then is better for encouraging root growth.

Hard landscaping

The paths, driveways and patios also benefit from a good clean so that you can enjoy the sun and warmer weather without side stepping dirt and branches etc. An afternoon spent power hosing the decking etc., will last all through the summer, making it one of the essential summer gardening jobs.

And the list could go on…

Covering the pond with netting… planting new plants and summer flowering borders… plant maintenance of some of the larger shrubs… dead-heading plants so that they flower time and again… and like we said, all this to do and then you can sit and relax!

Finding the time for summer gardening jobs can be difficult but help is at hand. Why not engage the professional services of a garden maintenance company to complete some of these jobs for you? This way your list of ‘must-do’ jobs is greatly reduced, leaving you time to relax and enjoy your garden!

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