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The History of AstroTurf

Looking for AstroTurf in Glasgow? Look no further!

As a leading company of supply and installation, we can help you get the right AstroTurf for the job but how much do you know about this great product?

A brand

AstroTurf is a brand of artificial grass, also known by some suppliers as synthetic grass. A common product used in a variety of settings, it is a brand that has seen many competitors come and go over the years but for those looking for synthetic grass, AstroTurf for Glasgow customers is a tried and tested product, well-known for longevity and quality.

It was co-invented by…?

… two Americans called James Faria and Robert Wright as part of Monsanto Industries. With patent filed on Christmas day, 1965 and issued some7 months later, AstroTurf for Glasgow customers as we know it was created.

And the story started…

The story of the brand and product had actually begun a few years before. During the 1950s and 60s, much as large companies and corporations do today, the Ford Foundation was investing in young American people and sport.

At the same time, a strand of the large Monsanto Industries, known as Chemstrand, was looking to create a new product, a tough, robust synthetic carpet.

The two projects came together, with Chemstrand working on the perfect synthetic, tough surface for sports from 1962 to 1966. During these four years, the basics that we have come to expect from this high quality product were tested including foot traction, cushioning, drainage, flammability and durability.

During this time, the company installed the precursor of AstroTurf, called Chemgrass at the time, in a school in Rhode Island. This was the first large scale installation of the product anywhere in the world but what set the product rolling was the inclusion of the synthetic grass in a new AstroDome that was built in Houston, Texas in 1965.

Did you know…?

It is estimated, that there is over 160million sq. feet of this brand if synthetic grass all over the world?

AstroTurf springs into life!

And so, the inclusion of the synthetic grass became a hit with both players and spectators and was renamed; it is now recognised by many across the globe, including prospective AstroTurf Glasgow customers.

It was this success that led to the patent in 1967 but it did not stop other companies attempting to emulate this great product. Not all competitors survived but the product sought after by so many prospective AstroTurf Glasgow customers is still going strong, a favoured choice by many for a variety of situations.

Did you know…?

AstroTurf has featured in many films etc. as a ‘grass’ backdrop when green grass was needed?

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