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The Benefits of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is both environmentally friendly, as well as budget friendly. More and more customers are choosing artificial grass or a synthetic lawn to install in their gardens. With little maintenance required too, this type of ‘grass’ is robust enough to take the hammering of various sports – so coping with domestic settings is no problem at all!

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However, as with all potential home improvements and garden updates, there are pros and cons to all of them. Make sure you know the benefits of artificial grass and the ‘cons’ before you buy...

The benefits of artificial grass:

  1. » Maintenancefree as it does not require fertiliser, mowing or watering – in fact, you’ll save on water bills if you are on meter, as well as other gardening costs.
  2. » Lawns can also soon look parched and dry during hot summer months but this is a thing of the past with an artificial lawn; it will stay green and lush looking all year round.
  3. » Many customers worry that an artificial lawn will fade in colour with time and exposure to sun, wind, rain, snow or ice. The good news is that this is not the case. Made from robust and, in many cases recycled materials, your artificial lawn will remain looking green for a long time.
  4. » There is no need to worry about installation either. It takes only a few days to get your new artificial lawn to be installed, meaning you’ll be enjoying, relaxing and playing on your lawn in no time.

There are a few cons to consider too, just so you make the right choice for you:

  • » Can be more expensive to install than natural grass BUT because you save on maintenance, in the longer term you will re-coup this money
  • » Depending on your opinion about artificial grass, some say that it detracts from the value of your property rather than adding value
  • » Artificial grass due to its material, can heat up in the sun making it, in very hot temperatures uncomfortable to walk or play on; however, bearing in mind that we have hot summers once in a blue moon, this is not necessarily a consideration in the UK...
  • » Ecologically, artificial grass contributes nothing to the environment, unlike natural grass which will add much-needed oxygen to the air

Overall, if you want a green lawn that stays looking green and lush, then an artificial lawn is the perfect solution for you and your family.




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