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Winter Roofing Checks Glasgow – Have You Performed Yours?

Winter is well and truly upon us and with it, will come a whole heap of extreme weather. On one hand, we could experience icy cold, crisp days and overnight frosts but, there again we could be battered by gale force winds and lashing rain. Through this all, the thing that protects us is our roof but ask yourself this question – “when was the last time you performed winter roofing checks?”

The likelihood that apart from casting a cursory glance in the direction of your roof as you make the hundred yard dash from your car, you are unlikely to have made substantive efforts to check your roof meaning that when things go wrong, you can end up paying out a lot of money to put things right.

Follow our winter roofing check guide to keep your roof in the best condition:

Clear debris

The biggest cause of problems with roofs over winter is the collection of debris on the roof from a stockpile of autumn leaves, to moss, twigs and branches. The problem with this is that water can pool on the roof, in the guttering etc. When the weather sets in it simply adds pressure to the roof; freezing temperatures means this pool of water freezes but it is the thawing of the ice that can really cause problems.

Check for damage

Once you have cleared the roof, an essential part of winter roofing checks is spotting any problems early. If it is something that you can tackle yourself, get it done quickly before it becomes a bigger problem. In most roofing cases the bigger the problem, the bigger the repair bill...


Another often forgotten about factor in winter roofing checks is the insulation within your roof space. Performing the vital function of keep warmth in, but letting moisture out if your insulation is old, worn and too thin then you will be losing valuable heat. Poor insulation, however can lead to an additional problem – that of water pooling within the roof space. This water, with freezing temperatures, can be frozen solid. Whilst this is the case, it won’t present too much of a problem but when this ice dam, as it is known, on thawing can cause damage to inner walls when it thaws by the water finding its ways through small cracks and spaces within your home.

Not sure about working on the roof or even getting into your roof space?

Then to perform winter roofing checks you will need the help of a local, reputable and trustworthy company. As part of their maintenance range of services, S&D Projects can perform a wide range of maintenance and repair services. Call them today for a competitive quote! 

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