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Roofing Checks for your Glasgow Property – Straightforward When You Know How!

With life so busy, it seems that many things go by the wayside. One such ‘job’ that is overlooked is one that can bring so many problems in the future if problems are not spotted early – damage to the roof of our Glasgow property.

Top Tip – many DIY enthusiasts and roofing experts suggest marking an annual date on the calendar, preferably during the summer months, when you can spend some time checking the roof for damage, as well as completing basic maintenance tasks.

Not comfortable working at heights?

We understand this and we would never encourage anyone to walk or work on their roof without the correct equipment; roofing tiles and materials can be slippery underfoot, even on a dry day.

To keep an eye on the roof over your head, all you need is brilliant eyesight or, even better, a pair of binoculars. It is probably fair to say, that walking on your roof can cause damage in itself – always best to leave such things to the professionals if you do spot a problem from the ground.

Roofing checks on your Glasgow premises is simple and easy:

  • Binoculars in hand, take some time to check and walk around your property but what are you looking for?

Follow these points below:

  • Cracked or missing tiles
  • Flashing (the edging) that is missing, looks worn, cracked or curled
  •  Anything that protrudes from your roof (like the vent from your boiler for example) should have a ‘boot’ or edging to it that means rainwater cannot seep or drip through inside
  •  Check for debris that needs removing such as moss on tiles, guttering that looks like it needs attention etc.

Now that you have made a note of your findings from external roofing checks on your Glasgow property, you now need to move inside.

There are many signs that your roof might not be functioning to the best of its ability and may need some care; you may think you would spot this on the outside; conversely, it is inside the property that the problems tend to noticed first...

  • Dark areas or patches of what looks to be like damp on internal ceilings
  •  Damp spots around the chimney breast or areas could indicate a problem with the roof or flashing in this area on the external of your property
  • Patches occurring on the ceilings on the underside of bay windows etc may indicate a problem with a flat roof

Roofing checks are all about finding problems before they become too much of an issue, compromising the inner structure and furnishings of your Glasgow property.

If you think your roof is in need of maintenance or repair, why not call S&D Projects to see how they can help?

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