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Your roof – will it stand the test of time?

The roof on your home withstands the harsh weather that the Glasgow climate throws at it – baking sun, hail, snow, winds and lashing rain. But how often do you go out and check your roof for defects? Like most things in life, if seen and caught early, the small defects and damage to your roof can be repaired far cheaper than if they are allowed to become big roofing issues.

But, if you do spot a problem you are placed in a position where you are relying on the professional expertise of roofers in Glasgow – how do you know you can trust the company or person stood in front of you?

S&D Projects have a growing reputation for quality, professionalism and a prompt service. Here we show you the quick guide to checking and maintaining your roof, all from expert Glasgow roofers:

Basic OUTSIDE inspection

Problems with roofs can be fairly obvious to the expert eye but with a bit of time and patience, scanning you roof on a regular basis can see you identify problems early on.

  • Tiles – check for any that are missing or look like they have come lose or dislodged
  • Gutters – guttering should be sitting flush with all major parts connected together
  • Flashing – these are the metal edges around the base of chimneys and the like; they can be difficult to see as they discolour over time with weather etc. but if it looks like they are dislodged or curled away from the roof they may need attention

Basic INSIDE inspection

If you are able, it pays to make regular visits into your loft space as you can identify issues from within. Leaks in roofs start small and by the time they are noticed within the main house, it may have been leaking for some time. Check the underside of the roof for leaks and water stains. S&D Projects as trusted roofers operating in and around Glasgow will be happy to help.

Keeping your roof in tip-top condition is not hard or strenuous but again, basic maintenance is well within the capabilities of S&D Projects and at competitive prices too!

1. Remove leaves from guttering etc.

This is not always a problem for everyone as not everyone is surrounded by an abundance of trees. If you do have trees close to you, then making a twice yearly sweep of your gutters to remove dead leaves etc. is good maintenance practice. This will leave your gutters free draining and any leaves that have become stuck to your roof can be removed with a brush.

2. Trim over hanging branches...

... before they become an issue and cause damage to your roof! Some people are not confident working at height and so if this is a problem for you contact Glasgow roofers, S&D Projects.

3. Snow and ice

After a particular bad winter, when snow and ice has been apparent you will need to check for further damage; sometimes ice and can build up over weeks (or even months). Do not try and dislodge ice on your roof as this in itself can cause damage.

4. Give it a good clean!

This is true when it comes to ice or moss, lichen... anything in fact. Sometimes, our roof can benefit from a good power wash clean but this is not something we suggest doing yourself as it can be dangerous working at height, more so with a wet, slippy roof.

As roofers working in and around Glasgow, S&D Projects can provide a complete roofing service – from cleaning, maintenance or re-roofing – at competitive process. Trusted by many customers, we will carry out only necessary repairs so you don’t spend more money that you need to.

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