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Finding a Good Builder in Glasgow – Easier Than you Think

There are so many horror stories, underpinned by our thirst for television programmes such as Rogue Traders and Cowboy Builders. How can the Scottish public know that the building company they call for a quote - and then pay thousands of pounds to – is who they say they are?

good builder glasgow

It can be a minefield but there are ways to weed out the dodgy cowboy builders and find good builders in Glasgow... and here’s how:

1. Recommendations – from friends, families or neighbours is the best starting point. Anyone who is happy with the quality of the service as well as the build will be happy to recommend the firm or builder to you. If you see a renovation that matches your aspirations, why not ask the homeowner who completed the work? Were they happy with every aspect? Would they engage that firm again?

You are making a big purchase and a large investment; you need to be confident and sure that the builder you intend on paying hundreds, if not thousands of pounds to, is the right one for the job.

2. Industry standards – there are many schemes that operate in and around Scotland in an effort to sideline the less- scrupulous builders from the trustworthy ones. There are online forums that can also be tapped into. But, treat some of these with caution as often firms or lone builders will not necessarily subscribe to these online forums or schemes – and so have little chance to defend themselves.

Any work undertaken by S&D Projects is independently guaranteed by the Independent Warranty Association (IWA); all our work is guaranteed for 10 years and your deposit on any large build is also guaranteed giving you even more confidence in our ability and professional service.

3. Contracts and Communication – these two factors are paramount in choosing the right builder for your Glasgow project. Any builder or building contractor will be more than happy to have a contract of work drawn up as an agreement between the two parties – it should include the start date, the perceived end date, what happens if this date is over-run and how the builder will be paid. As standard, it is suggested that the customer withholds around 30% of the final fee until all the work, including any snagging work, is completed.

4. Payment – it is worth remembering that builders and building firms have suppliers that they need to pay in order that they can keep purchasing supplies to complete building work. Withhold agreed payments within a schedule is not advisable – a builder will simply stop work if he cannot afford to pay the supplier, who will withholds supplies.

It is not difficult to find good builders in and around Glasgow; visit the website testimonals of S&D Projects and see what their previous customers have said about the quality of their work! You won’t be disappointed.

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