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Choosing the Right Garden Fencing Panel – Made Simple!

Garden fencing is a common sight in many gardens and outdoor spaces all across Glasgow – so how come, when it is time for your choose a new fence for your property that there seems to be such a bewildering display of panels on offer? And how do you make the ‘right choice’?

Here is S&D Projects guide to making choosing the right garden fence for your Glasgow home simple and straightforward:

Decide what you want it to do

Might sound a bit of an obvious question but what you expect your garden fence to do is a key factor is deciding which type, shape or height of the fence panel. Many people simply use their garden fence to stake out their territory, defining clearly where their garden starts and ends. Other people need and want their garden fence to provide security and, for this reason, they use large panels that tend to block people from looking into their garden.


When it comes to fencing panels, we can also advise you on the correct type to use. Panels tend to be pre-treated in one of two ways – dip treatment or pressure treated. Both offer pros and cons when it comes to choosing your panels.

Dip treatment is the stuff that many people use on various bank holidays throughout the year in the name of garden maintenance. In other words, once you have built your garden fence, the panels are then treated with a simple water-bases staining treatment. Some panels are coated with this after they are built but once your new fence has been erected, you will need to use some form of treatment or stain to prevent it from rotting. Dip treated fencing panels needs annual maintenance with some form of timber treatment to keep it looking pristine, as well as protected from the elements. Many treatments can be applied by using a handheld spray, as opposed to painting on with a brush.

If maintenance of your fence on an annual basis is not to your liking then pressure treated fence panels will be your choice. This process happens when the panels have been built and prior to distribution and use, the panels are treated with various preservatives within a vacuum; this forces the chemical into the deeper layers of the wood, effectively protecting it inside and out from the harsh weather conditions. With pressure treated fence panels for your Glasgow garden, you will ne need to indulge in annual maintenance.


It would be impossible to describe every style of fence panel here but, needless-to-say, S&D Project can source a variety of styles in garden fencing for your Glasgow property from the dainty look of a lollipop fence to the standard ‘chevron weave’, as well as the more ornate lattice fence panels, excellent for climbing plants.

Fence panels are easy to install – especially with the experience and skill of S&D Projects – and in a relatively short period of time, your Glasgow garden will have undergone a significant transformation with the addition of new garden fences.

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