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The Benefits of Double Glazing

There are so many reasons why you should seriously think about changing your single paned windows for double glazed units, including your doors.

The Energy Savings Trust suggest that an average household which has its windows replaced with B-rated double glazed windows would save around £170 a year on energy bills.

Overall, there is a suggestion that if every UK household fitted double glazed windows we would all benefit as a whole, saving over £700 million and significantly lower carbon emissions.

And so, if you needed any more persuading on the benefits of double glazing here is S&D Projects’ quick guide:

  • Keep that expensive and valuable heat IN!

As we have already seen, a major benefit of double glazing is the ability to save you money but keeping heat in. With energy prices rising year on year, keeping the heat you are using is now even more essential.

  • Keeping noise OUT!

Anyone who has double glazing will tell you that the instant benefit of double glazed windows is the fact the noise ‘pollution’ from outside is dramatically reduced. If you live in a town or city, or by a busy road junction or train track, double glazing could make a real difference.

  • A more comfortable home

Double glazed windows also benefit you by reducing draughts and cold spots, even though it is not until you have replaced your windows that you realised you had these draughts.

  • Reduce condensation

Double glazed windows also have the added benefit of reducing condensation on the inside of windows.

  • Save the planet!

Double glazing windows also help reduce your carbon emission footprint by reducing heat loss through your windows. By keeping your house warmer, you will also use less fuels to heat your home as it will retain heat better.

  • Maintenance free

Unlike older style windows with wooden frames that needed care and attention, and added benefit of double glazed windows is that most of these uPVC units require very little, if any, maintenance – apart from the odd clean every now and then!

  • Plenty of designs

There are now many different styles of double glazed window, an added benefit if you are looking to maintain the character and appeal of your home.

S&D Projects offer great packages and deals on fitting double glazed window so that you can benefit by saving money, having a cosier home and doing your part to save the Earth.

Contact S&D Projects us now for a quotation!

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