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Roofing Designs – Updating and Maintaining

S&D Projects are a local, Glasgow based firm with many years experience in domestic renovations. They complete renovation projects in the house as well as projects on the outside of your home, from driveways to patios. They can also maintain you roof or create a new roof on your home extension.

A new roof – fit for purpose?

Roofing Glasgow customers can choose from two roof designs, both of which can be spotted on building across Glasgow. The roof on your homes is a big part of the character of your home and is influenced by:

  • > The nature of your building – an old, Victorian style property will have a different style to that found on a more modern development
  • > The construction of your home – some roofs have different structural requirements than others
  • > The proposed use – some building roofs provide more than just shelter from the rain, keeping the inside of the property dry. Roof gardens are common in cities or where outside space is limited. Holding a BBQ on a garden roof that is not structurally built for this purpose could spell D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R!
  • > The materials available – some materials cannot be locally sourced and will therefore have a significant cost implication for the roofing project.

A new roof – experts needed?

A new roof – or even replacing a roof – should be left to the experts as there are calculations and structural consideration that need to be taken in to account. S&D Projects offer quality, comprehensive roofing services in Glasgow, as competitive prices.

A roof comes in two basic styles – pitched or flat.

A pitched roof is where there is a sloped surface to the roof, and is when two or more of these slopes rise and meet, to form a peak. The roof’s pitch is the angle at which it slopes from the lowest point to the highest point.

Traditionally, these roofs are constructed by using load-bearing wooden structure. A pitched roof can often contain a living space within it and so it is important that the structure of solid, safe and has the correct height to it.

Pitched roof material can be slate or tiles made from clay or concrete, that are secured to evenly spaced batons. Again, the choice of roofing material will also have a bearing on the structure as some materials are heavier than others.

Flat roofs at one time were infamous for having a short life span, frequently leaking and needed a high degree of maintenance.

This horizontal form of roofing has come on leaps and bounds since those early days. Flat roofs are now created with a slight run off to stop rainwater from pooling. There are also many materials available now to cover flat roofs that a flat roof is now a wise, cost-effective choice for small extensions such as garages, shed etc.

For all your roofing needs, contact Glasgow company S&D Projects!

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