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Bathroom Refurbishments – A great, inexpensive way to update your bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most often used rooms in the house. It can quickly look dated and tired when it is in constant use.

Many Glasgow customers are now looking at bathroom refurbishments as a way of updating and modernising their bathroom, for the fraction of the cost of completely re-installing and re-modelling it.

How we go about creating your perfect bathroom refurbishment

S&D Projects always advise customers in the first instance to think about how they will accommodate the various functions that the bathroom provides – when their bathroom is out of action! As such, a timeline of works is usually provided and will vary from one bathroom refurbishment for one Glasgow customer to another.

It can take one or two days to remove the old bathroom, and then the same amount of time again to make good any joinery, plaster boarding etc. in the bathroom. The amount of tiling will also have an impact on the time required and can take up to three days to complete. Installing of baths and cabinets etc. can take a further day.

S&D Projects will try as hard as possible to keep disruption to the household to a minimum and work quickly, but effectively.

Design considerations are the most important. Think about your current bathroom – is there anything that niggles you about it? Is the bathroom cabinet in the right place? Who uses the bathroom? Would ‘his and hers’ sinks be useful? There are many design questions and concepts to consider, all of which S&D Projects can guide you through.

Storage or cabinet space can be an issue in some busy households, and the last room in the house that needs to be full of clutter is the bathroom. S&D Projects have some great storage ideas and a whole gallery of design ideas to inspire you.

Colourschemes finalise your bathroom refurbishments. Glasgow customers can have set ideas about the final look of their bathroom; monochrome schemes, such as greys, whites and black tend to have a sterile, clean-cut look whilst others prefer a more relaxing, comforting space. If you lounge in the bath, then pastel colour schemes can be restful.

Bathroom refurbishments by S&D Projects will be exactly what you want. If you are thinking of updating or replacing your bathroom, contact S&D Projects NOW for their latest deals on bathroom refurbishments.

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