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Roof Maintenance Tips

Roof maintenance tips for your property

The roof is the aspect of our home or business that keeps us safe from the effects of the elements. But, all too often, property owners rarely take any notice of their roof until there is a problem!

With so many building and roofing companies professing to be experts in roof maintenance and repair, taking the time to check your roof, spot damage early will not only leave you with a smaller repair bill but will also prevent you having to go through the angst of finding a reputable company.

Checking you roof and keeping it in good repair is easier than you think;

If your roof space has not been checked for a while or the ladders are not safe, call a reputable, professional company such as S&D Projects – do not take risks!

  • »  From ground level, you should stand and visually examine your roof  (use binoculars if you have them); we suggest you do this twice a year as potential problems can then be spotted early
  • » Inspecting from inside the roof space or loft can quickly show up any problems; clearly visible day light is not a good sign! Tiles may have slipped or flashings may have moved
  • » Look on the ground; all too often we missed signs of roof debris such as broken tiles
  • » If you see a  missing tile get it replaced immediately; the structure of the roof will not be compromised by rainwater leaking in
  • » Don’t let moss accumulate on your roof – get it cleaned! Moss harbours water and ice in cold weather, causing damage to your property
  • » Leaning chimneys need attention!
  • » If flashings look like they have come away from tiles etc, then get these looked at immediately as they can come lose in windy or inclement weather
  • » If you can see dark stains or traces of soot on the outside of your chimney, then smoke from your fuel fire is escaping from the chimney stack – this need attention too
  • » Use the right roofing company for the material on your roof; this is even more important if you have specialist roofing materials such as a living roof.









Keeping your roof in good repair is imperative but if you are not confident to complete minor repairs to damage after bad weather, we strongly advise you contact a firm such as ours. We have all the necessary training and insurances to work at height. All too often, people do not realise until it is too late how treacherous a roof surface can be – even if it is dry.

S&D Projects have many years’ experience of roofing maintenance and repairs, as well as larger re-roofing projects. We will only recommend repairs that need completing, prioritising any work in consultation with the customer.

Keep your roof in tip top condition – check regularly, especially after bad weather and as soon as you spot signs of problems, contact us for advice and a great service



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