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Benefits of a Good Kitchen

How often have you been working in your kitchen, given an exasperated sigh as you realise you need to reach the unreachable or ‘that-something-else-that-just-is-not-right’?

Have a professionally designed kitchen will see you reap a whole heap of benefits. Working with a professional kitchen designer will see your ideas and requirements become a workable, ergonomic kitchen – and that is not all! Having your dream kitchen installed by a professional company, like us here at S&D Projects, will add quality and panache to your design. No wobbly taps, no rickety drawers or badly-fitted cupboard doors – just smooth, sleek lines and everything perfect.


This is THE most important stage of creating your new kitchen. Working with a professional kitchen designer will mean you get the benefit of their trained, skill eye scanning the space available and fitting all your requirements in that space –without essential items being crammed in!

Make a list of all the things you would want in your dream kitchen.

Now the hard work starts. Look through this list and separate the ‘essentials’ from the ‘would be nice’. This way you get the parts you want within your budget – as well as within the given space.


Did you know when planning your dream kitchen, there is a formula to follow? If you don’t incorporate this triangle, then you could taking more steps – and therefore energy – than you need to when you use your kitchen.

This layout is known as the triangle; it incorporates key elements within a kitchen. If these elements are in a triangle layout then it had been proven that you walk far less than in any other format. This has been around for decades within the planning and design of kitchens, although this layout can also be used in a linear format. Look carefully at your new kitchen layout whilst it is still on paper – is your work surface, fridge and sink in a triangular layout?

Add your details

Now that you have the basics sorted and meeting design principles to satisfy usability, you can now add those touches to your kitchen that will make it truly yours. This is all about your personal choices when it comes to handles, door styles, colours etc. as well as the gadgets you want incorporated in your new kitchen.

The benefits of a good kitchen are numerous; it will be a comfortable , welcoming space and with the kitchen often being the heart of the home, investing time and money to get it right is well worth it!

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