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Summer Garden Tips: Fragrant Planting Around the Patio

When summer arrives, we should be spending as much out in the garden as possible, enjoying the sweet fragrant blooms of the landscape we take work so hard in. Summer is the time to sit back and enjoy the garden – not just to plant, trim or weed.

Here at S & D Projects, we complete many projects for homeowners across Scotland and our favourite is the design and creation of patios. But don’t just let it sit there, why not follow some of these hints and tips and create a fragrant, pause in your garden?

When building your patio, we suggest sitting it in a place that is both sunny but sheltered; this is sometimes immediately adjacent to your house, therefore you step out straight on to the patio. For other Scottish homes, this may be further way in the garden but by having your patio in a sunny, but sheltered spot, any fragrant plants you put around it will increase in the intensity of their fragrance. The best time to sit and enjoy the beautiful fragrance of these plants is when there is a gentle breeze to waft the scent around.

Choosing the Fragrant

Summer garden tips are everywhere on the Internet, with many people choosing many different types of fragrant plants to use in their gardens but some people choose to stick with one ‘type’ of aroma.

Broadly speaking, there are 4 aroma categories;

  • Sweet – such as honeysuckle
  • Spicy – if this is your favoured smell, then try rock rose and dianthus
  • Fruity – popular plants with a fruity aroma include orange blossom and pineapple bloom
  • Heady – well known plants such as stocks jasmine are just two types of plants that comes under this heady category

Strong or Subtle Fragrance

There are many, many fragrant plants that produce aromas that are subtle, caught on the edge of a breeze or strong aromas that for some people are over powering. Our top summer garden tip is to place these plants such as the ‘mock’ orange at the end of the garden; the fragrance, although pleasant, are so strong that they will overpower almost anything else.

Top summer garden tips for a fragrant patio:

Why not choose herbs such as lavender to use as fragrant plants around the edges of patios – as the day warms, the herbs release the aroma through their leaves and even better, as we brush past them to take our place on the patio.

And so, why not take advantage of the summer and sit, lazing on the patio surrounded by beautiful fragrance from well chosen and well placed plants. Don’t forget that plants release their delicious aroma at different times – some release it during the day, whilst others wait for the coolness of evening. Enjoy your garden this summer!

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