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Looking to Extend Your Glasgow Home?

Then read on and see what factors are essential in planning and constructing the perfect home extension for your Glasgow property – and still have the neighbours talking to you!

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Things you MUST know BEFORE you start work:

  1. The ‘right to light’ does exist in law therefore if your neighbour or neighbours think that you are encroaching on their light then they can block planning permission. However, this is well placed law to stop extensions being built across a neighbour’s window but if it is deemed that the light is no essential for living within that particular room, it can be over-ridden.
  2. You can put a loo anywhere! There does, however, need to be a wash basin but at one time it was a planning requirement for there to be a lobby or space between the loo and a room such as the kitchen. In fact, before you start any work you should check local planning regulations.
  3. Minimum ceiling heights have also been removed from various planning regulations but you need to be practical – if you can’t stand up in it, then you won’t be able to do much in your new home extension.
  4. Design it well and you will have a fantastic home extension that is practical as well as beautiful. A hard and fast rule when it comes to extending is not to sacrifice more than you are gaining so don’t use one bedroom as a through room to a new bedroom of a similar size. The moral of this story? Get it designed professionally. A poor extension could also detract from any value you are hoping to add to your property too.
  5. Make sure your home is balanced – not sure what we are driving at here? Think how your newly added home extension will affect your Glasgow home. People often add living space and extra bedrooms etc, but stick with one bathroom. Estate agents and other property experts suggest making sure that the house is balanced. If it has 5 bedrooms, then the property needs some additional living space down stairs.
  6. Know building regulations for your area. As a specialist building firm, S & D projects can certainly help you with this and if the home extension you intend adding to your Glasgow property is of significant size, we strongly recommend the use of an architect.
  7. Think outside the box when it comes to design. Walls, for example, are not the only things that can define the boundaries of a room; you can use other features to create boundaries such as furniture or kitchen islands, or even a well placed staircase.
  8. Estimates and quotations are not the same thing, something you need to know when you are budgeting for your new home extension at your Glasgow home. An estimate is essentially that – it is a builder’s best guess at how much your dream extension will cost. This means that the goal posts are not set in concrete; as problems arise and new things are added, the price goes up. Likewise, the price could go down... A quotation, on the other hand, is a definite price. And we strongly suggest that you get at least three and compare the quotations. And don’t forget to check if VAT is added or not.

Designing, planning and building a home extension on your Glasgow home is an exciting time but make sure you get it right – or it could be an expensive mistake!

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