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Roofing Glasgow

The most important part of your home – or any building – is the roof. But in all honesty, how often do you inspect your roof?

S&D Projects are roofing specialists in and around the Glasgow area, and have an enviable reputation for providing a top quality service. We advise our customers to inspect their roofs twice a year:

  • > In spring to check for damage after the winter months, leaving you time to get any repairs carried out and
  • > In autumn, making sure it’s fit for the coming winter

Here’s their quick guide to inspecting your roof:

Step 1: From the top!

Get a torch and take a trip into the attic and answer the following 4 questions:

1. Does the roof look likes it is sagging at certain point(s)?

2. Are there signs of water damage or leaks?

3. Are there dark spots or trails or simply signs of some kind of damage that were not there the last time you checked?

4. Can you see daylight through any cracks etc. in your roof?

Step 2: Go outside!

What to look for when you look up at your roof are things like the general appearance of your roof, as well as things like damage flashing, missing tiles or anything that look a-amiss. Other items you need to visually inspect are:

  1. > Cracks or any obvious damage
  2. > Look for loose tiles and other material, paying attention to the chimney (if you have one)
  3. > Drainage – keep an eye of the guttering and drainpipes too. Whilst these may not technically be part of the roof, if there are loose materials on your roof, they may start to block your drainpipes etc.

Find a problem – don’t assume you need a complete new roof!

It may be possible to repair your roof so that you don’t need to replace the whole roof BUT it pays to invest in your roof. If you spot what you think is a potential problem, call in roofing Glasgow specialists S&D Projects. We will advise you on the best way forward.

Need a new roof?

ALL roofs, no matter what material they are made from do not have a finite life – in other words, they don’t last forever. Patching the roof will only extend its life by a limited amount, eventually you will need to consider replacing to roof.

There are advantages to doing this; many older properties, for example, were built before certain building and insulation standards were brought in. Replacing the roof means that all these energy saving features can be incorporated into the new roof.

Insulation is a major factor when looking to replace your roof or in any roofing refurbishment. But, employing the services of a roofing Glasgow contractor mean that considerations regarding condensation can be properly addressed.

There are two types of roof construction – a warm roof, in which the insulation is fitted to the outside of the rafters and the tiles laid on top or a cold roof, where the insulation is fitted inside the rafters. The warm roof method has been a preferred method of construction as it does not require ventilation, like the cold roof construction. In the case of a cold roof, there needs to be adequate ventilation so that condensation can be dissipated, otherwise this could become an expense in itself.

Whether looking to re-roof, repair or extend your roof, the roofing Glasgow specialists S&D Projects are the company for you!

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