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Designing, buying and installing your new kitchen is a fun and rewarding home improvement. The kitchen is the room that in many homes is the centre of everything that happens; the family gather there at certain times of the day and can also act as a more formal space, such as entertaining friends etc.

Replacing your kitchen needs time and attention, particularly in the planning stage; you won’t be changing your kitchen very often therefore you need to get it right first time! Kitchens Glasgow installers S&D Projects have the knowledge, skills and expertise to help you get the kitchen you want.

Don’t rush the project!

This is difficult. Having the kitchen out of action as its replaced has a massive affect on the running of the home but it is important that the installation of your new kitchen is done correctly. One badly laid floor or wall tile means moisture creeps in behind and before you know it, you have tiles lifting or falling off. If you are having your kitchen replaced, make sure you have planned how you are going to live without it for a while!

Practical – and turning heads?

Some people wish to own a fabulous designer kitchen which means that the ‘devil is in the detail’. If this is what you are aiming for, then look no further than kitchens Glasgow installer, S&D projects. They have supplied and fitted kitchens to the highest design specifications.

Any kitchen needs to be infinitely practical and although overall every kitchen serves the same purpose, not every family is the same and what works in your home, will simply not work in another. So, how do you get the best kitchen layout and design for you:

1. Gather ideas – look in lifestyle magazines, catalogues, showrooms etc. and see what designs and ideas are currently ‘on trend’ and consider how these ideas could (or couldn’t!) work for you. The choices of fittings, worktops, colour schemes, tiles, flooring etc. are wide and varied. Some customers create a mood board, using cut out pictures from such magazines to see how colours etc. could work together.

2. Share your ideas – with kitchen design, it pays to share ideas with us as well as your list of ‘wants and needs’. We can also show you some kitchen makeovers we have already completed and share ideas of design and layout that may work for you. If you have fixed and certain ideas on some elements of your new kitchen, then we can work with them. However, it always pays to have a degree of flexibility.

Re-vamping your kitchen is a large undertaking and you need a quality kitchen installer; look no further that kitchens Glasgow specialist S&D Project. Why not contact S&D for a no-obligation quote for your new kitchen?

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