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Double-Glazing Glasgow

If you are looking to do some home improvements then one obvious starting point are the windows of your home. Many homeowners are still looking to replace their single glazed windows with double glazing but are frightened they will have to compromise on style. When looking to replace or upgrade your double glazing, Glasgow based form S&D Projects can help you in many ways.


What is double glazing?

Single glazed windows are just that; they consist of a frame, with a single sheet or pane of glass. A double glazed window is two separate panes of glass, inserted into a suitable frame. These panes of glass have a gap between the, usually around 16mm, thus creating an ‘insulating barrier’ that keeps heat in. This gap can sometimes be filled with gas and triple glazed windows have three sheets of glass, but are not always better that double glazed windows.

Double glazed windows (like many other modern manufactured windows and frames) now carry an energy efficient logo from agencies such as the Energy savings Trust. This logo means that the particular brand of double glazed unit has been certified to be as energy efficient as possible.

Double glazed windows now come in a range of styles and materials, and will vary on:

>  How well they stop heat passing OUT through the window

>  How much sunlight travels through the glass

>  And how little air leaks in and out from around the window

The Benefits of Double Glazing

Most modern homes already boast some great double glazing and many people believe that double glazing offers many benefits:

  • > Savings on your energy bill – the whole point of double glazing is to reduce the amount of heat lost through the window without compromising on the amount of light being let in. The biggest factor in heat loss from any home are the windows, so double glazing with heavy curtain can considerably help with cutting heating bills over time
  • > Increases sound proofing – people with double glazing often comment on how much noise disturbance from outside is decreased. If you live in a busy or high traffic area, then double glazing could make a real difference in terms of noise.
  • > Improved security – an important advantage is that even under the heaviest of impacts, the outside pane of glass may crack or break, but the inside pane stays intact.

Choosing the right materials

Double glazing Glasgow based home improvement firm, S&D Projects will be able to help you further choose the right double glazing to fit your budget AND the style of your home. But here are a few basics to consider:

  • Glass: the most energy-efficient ‘type’ of glass is low emissivity (known as Low-E) glass. This has an invisible metal oxide coating that let light and heat IN but reduces the amount of heat that can escape.
  • The gap: the higher energy-efficient rated windows have the gap filled with gasses such as argon, xenon or krypton.
  • Pane spacers: these are set around the inside edges the keep the two panes of glass apart. Look for pacers that containing very little or no metal – these are known as ‘warm spacers’ and offer maximum efficiency.

Frame materials

No matter what energy rating your double glazed windows carry, you have a choice of materials for the frame. Clearly, you need to choose the material that suits your budget as well as the style of your property. A quick appraisal of the materials available for frames:

  • > uPVC frames are long lasting and can be recycled
  • > Wooden frames can be more sympathetic to period properties and have a lower environmental impact but they do, however, require maintenance.
  • > Aluminium or steel frames are slim and long lasting and like uPVC, can be recycled
  • > Composite frames have an inner timber frame but with an aluminium or plastic coating. His reduces the need for maintenance and weatherproof the frames.

Double glazing is a great investment and a good step in improving your home. Contact double glazing Glasgow installers, S&D Projects for a no-obligation quote.


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