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Bathrooms Glasgow

Choosing and installing a new bathroom into your home is possibly one of the most pleasurable home improvements tasks! But, get it wrong and you could detract from the beauty of your home, make it impractical and, in extreme cases, de-value your home.

With so many bathroom styles and features available, how do you choose the right bathroom for you and your family?

Bathrooms Glasgow experts S&D Projects can help you through the whole process, from the planning through to the installation stage. To help you get the right bathroom for you, answer these questions and you’ll have a great starting point:

1. Why revamp your bathroom?

Like your kitchen, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It is a primary room that performs its function several times in a day. It needs to be practical but also stylish and functional. If you are thinking of selling your house sometime soon, then a well fitted, well-thought out bathroom could be the deal-clincher. However, you probably don’t have a huge pot of money and the good news is that it is possible to revamp your bathroom without costing you the earth!

2. Have you really thought about design and layout?

The bathroom in most houses is the smallest room in the house therefore you need to think hard about the design and layout of the bathroom. You need to gain as much use from every centimetre of the room but also offer you flexibility. Ask yourself what does the bathroom currently lack? It might be storage for example, so you need to look at the design, working in as much storage as you can but without being cluttered.

3. Do you have space?

If you do have a large bathroom, then use the space. Double wash basins are a great flexible unit to have in a bathroom and every bathroom needs a decent amount of storage. Again, bathrooms Glasgow specialist S&D Projects have some great ideas for working with your bathroom space, large or small.

4. Have you thought about using design tricks?

This is another advantage of using a reputable bathrooms Glasgow company like S&D Projects. If your bathroom is small there are several design tricks that you can use to make it seem bigger – S&D Projects can help you with these. For example, lighting plays a key role in making the bathroom bright, but also making it feel larger.

And finally, to make sure you get the bathroom you want and need, unless you have the knowledge and the skill it really does pay to have your new bathroom installed by a professional. There are plumbing considerations, electrics and other trades such as tiling and, possibly, plastering to consider; a full bathroom refit is on a par with the inconvenience and expense of a kitchen!

As bathrooms Glasgow specialist fitter, S&D Projects can help you with all this; contact S&D today.


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