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What is Garden Decking and How Do you Get the Best?

Garden decking is an increasingly popular choice to quickly transform gardens into an outdoor living space.

Why so popular?

Many garden decking Glasgow customers will testify to the versatility that decking, as an outdoor structure, offers them and their family. Its popularity is very much based on the versatility that it offers as well as its ability to turn hard-to-use garden space into useable space.

For example, do you have a garden that has a hard slope to it? Garden decking, made from suitable material and robustly constructed can create a platform.

Garden decking is also robust and can stand not only the rigours of foot fall but also the harsh weather we can be subject too.

Garden decking Glasgow customers, if they employ the services of S&D Projects, can also be confident they are doing their ‘bit’ for the environment as the wood used to create these great spaces is sourced from sustainable, well-managed forests. Some garden decking material also uses recycled materials in its composition.

Garden decking Glasgow customers can also be confident they are getting not only an aestheticallypleasingstructure but also one that is lessexpensive that other materials e.g. paving stones etc.

Quite often, garden decking Glasgow customers have required bespoke and custombuilt wooden decking that fits both the proportions and landscape of the garden. In fact, many customers have made the garden decking into an eye catching centre piece of the garden, around which the landscape is then created.

Increasing house value?

There is the possibility too that a welldesigned and wellbuilt decked area in your garden can add value to your property, although this can be in visualappeal as much as functionality. The key term here is well built! Garden decking can be an excellent do-it-yourself but you really do need to research well before you start. The foundation needs correct preparation too. A badly built garden deck, with incorrect drainage and flimsy foundations will soon decay to a point that it will look untidy and unstable.

More than just a flat area

It is possible to add height and interest to your decked area. Many garden decking Glasgow customers have added structures such as pergolas, up which climbing plants can be trained. Adding plants, in hanging baskets etc. add both colour and interest but also some privacy from surrounding gardens.


Garden decking does require maintenance, although in all honesty this is very little. Most garden decking customers find that once a year, usually after the rigours of winter weather that the deck needs cleaning in time for spring and summer use. Some customers also oil or treat their wood decked area with other materials to protect it from rain and the drying effects of heat and sunshine.

Garden decking creates a practical and attractive garden design providing additional, useful space to enjoy your outdoor space, whether that is for the children to play, or for entertaining. Contact S&D Projects for a quotation and design ideas!

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