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The Benefits of Converting Your Garage

The current economic climate has made many homeowners uncomfortable about selling and taking on a bigger mortgage. But, this still leaves the problem of needing more space for a growing family – both in terms of size as well as the clutter and possessions that teenagers seem to acquire!

Extensions and conversions are the way forward for many people; S&D Projects have many happy customers now enjoying extra space within their current home.

Garage conversions Glasgow customers will extol the virtues of converting this space into a liveable and working area.

Garages are one time were used to store the family car; but they also became store areas for chest freezers, bikes etc and a dumping ground for all the household junk that you cannot find a home for anywhere else. When it is placed in the garage, you always promise to deal with it as soon as possible... sound familiar?

There are many benefits to consider when converting the garage from dumping ground to liveable room:

  1. > An opportunity to de-clutter but also there is the distinct possibility, as many garage conversions Glasgow customers can testify, can be done quickly and with little disruption to the household. You could have a liveable and working space within weeks.
  2. > Garage conversions are all purpose; it can be utilised as another lounge or living area, or a study, gym or office. Or, as many garage conversions Glasgow customers have done, created a ‘teenage room’ for growing youngsters and their friends.

Simple but takes work and skill

S&D Projects are garage conversions specialists in Glasgow and they can easily convert your garage to the room you and your family need it to be. However, as with all projects, it is not just a case of taking the door off, building a wall and putting in a window. It does take a fair degree of skill and planning to complete the room to a high standard.

Planning permission required?

We can advise you further but, under normal Scottish building regulations, garage conversion do require approval.

Do you have neighbours?

Converting the garage to an extra living room is not really a job for the average do-it-yourself buff; a project that needs to be liveable and meet building standards needs to input, skill and workmanship of a professional.

And don’t forget to talk to your neighbours about what you are planning to do. Quite often, objections to planning consent applications come from neighbours who fear their peace may about to be destroyed by the garage of the next door neighbour becoming a music studio!

The garage conversion might also need:

  • > Insulating or if there is current insulation, it may need upgrading
  • > Foundations my need strengthening
  • > Walls may need upgrading; garages are often single walled constructions
  • > Damp proofing may be required too
  • > If your garage does connect to your neighbour’s property, sound proofing will need adding too
  • > You may also need to pay attention to the roof – a flat roof, for example, may need to be replaced with a pitched roof

The possibilities with garage conversions are endless and many customers will testify to the huge difference it has made to the smooth running of a busy home. All you need to do, is buy a shed to put the bikes and clutter in...

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