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Roofline Glasgow

S&D Projects offer roofline Glasgow customers a comprehensive, all encompassing service but what exactly is a roofline?

A definition

Roofline is a generic description of all the items you can see on the front of your house such as fascias, soffits, bargeboards and cladding. These are found below the roof and eaves of most houses. Traditionally, these items were made from wood although many are now made from plastic type materials.

Taking each roofline component in turn...

Fascias are the visible and are below the roof, running horizontally and are used to cap the end rafters outside a building. These ‘bands’ are used to hold the guttering pipes. Traditionally, fascias were made from wood and required maintenance on a fairly regular basis. Many roofline Glasgow customers find that eventually these fascias do need replacing. The tendency is to replace with plastic fascias, although wood can still be used.

Soffits more-often-than-not refers to the material used to form a ceiling at the top of the exterior house wall to the outer edge of the roof, also known as the eaves. The sizes of a visible soffit can anything from a few centimetres to several feet, depending on the house design and construction. Soffits can also be ventilated or non-ventilated.

Bargeboards is a Latin phrase meaning scaffold. This is a board that is fastened to the projecting gable of a roof; bargeboards give strength as well as to hide and project the otherwise exposed ends of the roofs horizontal timbers. These bargeboards on rooflines can be plain, straightforward lengths of wood or in some more modern builds, made from plastic of varying colours. Rooflin Glasgow customers may also be looking to replace bargeboards with more ornate versions, many of which can be seen on older style properties in the city and surrounding area.

Cladding is also related to the roofline of a house, providing important protection as well as aesthetics appeal to your home. Cladding can be added to your home using a variety of materials from wood through to plastics.

S&D Projects offer competitive prices for customers looking to make improvements or replace aspects of their roofline.

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