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Glasgow Roofing Maintenance

How often do you look up?

The changing weather Glasgow experiences means that the roofs of Glasgow properties will take a severe battering from time to time . Unfortunately, not all roofs will be in tip top condition although we expect our roof to be able to withstand and hold out against this winter deluge.

And so, before your roof ‘lets you down’ take some time and give the roofing needs of your Glasgow property some thought.

You don’t need to be a roofing expert to know when your roof needs some care and attention, as well as a little bit of repair. But, if you are not sure, follow our guide - if anything crops up and you need a valued opinion on your roofing needs at your Glasgow property, as a reputable firm makes us your first call.

So, have a wonder outside and in your loft space and have look for the following:

Part 1: On the inside check for…

  • Spots where the roof ‘deck’ is sagging; this gives the indication that parts of the roof may be weak
  • Signs of water damage or leaks; stains on the chimney breast wall can be a giveaway that the flashing on the outer level of the roof is leaking or compromised
  • Dark spots of trails which again suggest rainwater is leaking into the roof space
  • If you can see daylight through any part of the roof, then you need to call us asap!

Part 2: Now you have completed the inside check, take a walk outside and look up!

  • Check for signs of wear and tear on the roof, including any cracks, tears, bald spots of missing parts of your roof, depending on the roofing material on your Glasgow property
  • Scan the roof for anything that appears to be loose, taking particular care to note how various aspects of the seals and joints appear; flashings around chimneys and edges can all fail after a time, letting in rainwater or working loose in wind
  • If you have the confidence, take a trip up a ladder and check the guttering too, as well as for signs of any mould or moss. Moss on a roof suggests that there is pooling of water; when sunlight is added, moss begins to grow. Acting like a sponge, moss soaks up moisture meaning if you have a lot of moss of your roof, you effectively have a damp layer lying across the top of your Glasgow property.
  • In this sense, drainage is important; an important and often over looked roofing concern is the gutters and down pipes that funnel the rainwater quickly and effectively from your roof. For this reason, it is important that your gutters are free from debris and blockages.

Do you have roofing concerns at your Glasgow property? If so, call a local and reputable roofing company, S&D Projects.

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