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Driveways Glasgow 2014

Thinking 2014 will be the year to upgrade your driveway? Just how will you make the decision as to which material to use?

If you are thinking creating a new and beautiful driveway could be the project for your Glasgow property in 2014, then you have a whole heap of decisions to make. But, before you start thinking installers and driveway companies, you need to get the material right – with so many materials suitable for so many driveways, just where do you start?

Driveways Glasgow

Why it is important to get the material right?

Your driveway is critical to the aesthetic appeal of your home, presenting you and your visitors with a real sense of destination. Get it right, and it will give your visitors – and buyers if you are selling your home – a real sense of confidence. Driveways at Glasgow properties that ooze kerb appeal, usually mean the inside of the property if top notch too.

Gravel – one material with excellent kerb appeal but…

Gravel is possibly the most popular driveway material choice of many Glasgow property owners; giving a sense of opulence with the satisfying crunch under foot and tyre, it is a versatile material but, unfortunately, it is not suitable for all driveways. Any Glasgow driveways with more than a moderate inline will find, on heavy rain as well as gravity helping out, that most of the expensive gravel will end up of the pavement and road, rather than staying on the driveway.

There is a solution – resin bonded gravel.

A benefit for anyone looking at their 2014 driveway project as a one with complications or a steep, sloping driveway will find resin-bonded gravel a gift! Gravel driveways at Glasgow properties will also require a certain level of maintenance too; weeding is not everyone’s idea of a fun way to spend Sunday afternoon; if this sounds like you, then this driveway material is worth considering.

What is involved?

After some preparatory work in the ground works and foundation, a layer of normal tarmac is laid, with fine gravel bonded or stuck into the surface. The density of the gravel on the surface of the gravel looks just like you have a loose-gravel driveway. This is a perfect long term solution that adds a much sought after grandness to a driveway, fitting the appeal and grandeur of your Glasgow property.

And, if you are not persuaded that resin-bonded gravel is the way forward, in dry weather, not unlike the summer we have just experienced, there is no unfortunate by-product of dust being kicked up as cars drive on and off a gravel driveway.

Driveways are a critical and integral landscaped feature to any Glasgow property; if your driveway is your 2014 project, call the best driveway installer in the area – call S&D Projects today.

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