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Artificial Grass Installers Glasgow

Are you thinking of buying and installing artificial grass?

If so, then read our guide to buying artificial grass and making sure you get the right artificial grass installer for you and your Glasgow project!

Check the quality first

Before you even decide on which of the Glasgow artificial grass installers to commission to complete your project, check the quality of the product they intend using. For example, some installers will happily send you a sample in the post and you can also ask about the length of any guarantee. Comparing price is simpler if you use a cost per square metre from each installer but the one big thing to check with any company is the delivery cost; many customers have been caught out with delivery charges totalling hundreds of bounds.

artificial grass installers glasgow

Artificial grass installers in and around Glasgow will want you to use their company but checking the quality first is essential so look for:

  • A realistic feel and look in comparison to natural grass
  • If should be soft and non-abrasive
  • The backing to the grass should be ‘holed’, allowing for free drainage
  • And the grass blades should be tightly packed and dense

How to check artificial grass installers for quality and workmanship

Companies who regularly install artificial grass, like Glasgow company S&D Projects, will maintain a portfolio of the work they complete. Likewise, many customers will be happy for you to take a look at the installation at their property but there are a few things that you can ask your proposed installer to gauge their quality of workmanship:

  • Infill in the installation of artificial grass is important – excellent installers will offer sand, rubber or other superior products
  • You also need to check thoroughly the work covered under any quotation you receive; some customers find that ground levelling work, as well as groundwork preparation is not included and added significant costs to the price of the project
  • In this respect, it is probably best to ask for a price break-down so you can see exactly what you are paying for each stage of the work

Artificial grass installers offer a valuable service to Glasgow customers but only if the work is completed correctly! Of course, not being a professional in artificial grass makes it difficult to know when the installation is complete whether it is of any quality or not. There are some tell-tale signs to look for, e.g.

  • You should not be able to see the seam between the strips of the material
  • Likewise, any edging should be neat, tidy and sit flush against borders

With S&D Projects, there will be no need to worry about quality of installation or workmanship. ALL our projects are completed to the highest standards! If you are looking into artificial grass installers in and around Glasgow, contact us today!


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