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Landscaping Tips

Landscaping your garden has never been easier...
... with these landscaping tips from top landscaping company, S&D Projects.

To get the best from your landscaping, like all design processes, there are some key elements you need to keep in mind. It is the combination of these key design factors that make the landscaped garden flow and ebb, as well as looking ‘right’. You will, of course, after spending time, money and effort want a landscape garden that you love – how disappointing would it be at the end of the project to look at the garden and think “it’s OK...” but not be in love with it.

Landscaping tips – zig-zag the eye

Sounds a bit odd but when you look down a landscaped garden, design principals suggest that the eye is ‘pleased’ when it is drawn from one side of the garden to the other and back again. As a result, the garden will seem wider and longer, creating an illusion to the eye that your small back garden is actually a whole lot bigger than what it actually is.

Landscaping tips – creating interest

There is nothing better than someone discovering small little nooks and crannies, or features of interest in a landscaped garden. You may stand at the top of the garden, for example, and you can hear the soothing sound of running water but you need to step into the garden, to find where the small fountain or waterfall is. This is created by clever planting and well-placed garden features.

Landscaping tips – drama

Focal points are a great way of introducing drama and interest in your landscaped garden. Again, this all down to the ‘eye’ and creating a focal point where it can rest, but still take in the beauty of the garden. However, overdoing it with focal points will make it look cluttered with the impact also depending on what the focal point is. A gnome fishing in a bucket will not create the desired affect...

Landscaping tips – keeping it simple

A common mistake is when people create too much drama in their landscaped garden, over-complicating it so that it looks too fussy. The main shapes within the garden hold the key to this. Take time to study the underlying design of your favourite landscaped garden and you will find that the shapes are very few – for example, based around three, inter-connecting circles.

Landscaping tips – repeating patterns

So gloriously subtle, that many people miss this in a landscape garden – which is why when repeated patterns are not included in a landscape design that the ‘eye’ misses it. Repeated or similar elements within the garden draw the eye, bringing clarity to the garden and preventing it from looking chaotic.

A well-designed and planned landscaped garden at your home will bring you a fantastic garden that will give you an outdoor space that you will use over and over again. Why not contact S&D Projects for a competitive quote?

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