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Benefits of a Good Bathroom

A well-designed bathroom can make all the difference!

Thinking of a facelift for your bathroom? Then look no further than the brilliant service on offer through Glasgow-based firm, S&D Projects.

But why is a well-designed, planned and installed bathroom such a benefit to you, your family and your property?

Benefits of a Good Bathroom 1 – it actually increases the value of your home

This may not be the first thing on your mind but studies and research have shown that buyers are more likely to buy a property over and above another one in the same price bracket if the ‘essentials’ – that is, the bathroom and kitchen – are modern, well-maintained and modern. If you are thinking of selling as soon as your bathroom is done, then keep in mind modern trends.

Benefits of a Good Bathroom 2 – improved efficiency

Again, not always top of the list but it has been noted that some of the newer technologies on the market – the biggest being in the form of a modern condenser boiler – will see you bathroom improve in efficiency. For example, installing on demand water heater can be one way of cutting down on heating bills.

Benefits of a Good Bathroom 3 – a luxurious oasis

We all know how life can be fast-paced, pressured and fast moving. Many people rely on a nice, relaxing hot bath to help them unwind at the end of a day. But a bathroom full of clutter, floating ducks and wind-up dolphins might not be your idea of heaven at the end of a busy working day. A new, well-planned bathroom in your Glasgow home will see the bath toys banished to a small cupboard and harmony restored with a deep bath. Adding soothing colours to the walls as well as subtle lighting also contributes to the oasis.

Benefits of a Good Bathroom 4 – de-clutter the smallest space in the house

Not all Glasgow properties enjoy the benefit of having a large bathroom that means the bath is separate from the show etc. Knocking down walls and re-modelling the upstairs is also budget-busting and so with a smaller bathroom you need have a cleverly designed bathroom that lets you use as much of the space as you can – without feeling cluttered or claustrophobic. Slim-line cupboard can conceal more than you think – toys, cleaning products and much more. Don’t just settle for an ordinary radiator either; opt for the heated towel rail for added luxury

The finish of your new bathroom is important too. After all, it is all the little finishing details that help in creating the sense of luxury in your new bathroom. Choose subtle, pastel shades and clean, crisp tiling to give the feeling of calm and tranquillity. Flooring is important too and, with such a range to choose from you will soon have the beautiful bathroom in your Glasgow property that you always wanted...

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