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How to Choose the Right Joiner for your Project

How to choose the right joiner for your project

Getting the right Joinery services in and around Glasgow will be helped by knowing a little bit about joinery, what it entails and when you may need it in your renovation or building project.

A quick history of joinery

Joinery is a skill that has been around for centuries. Before industrialisation joiners, carpenters and specialists cabinetmakers were all crafts that people aspired to be and would sometimes serve long apprenticeships to become one. This was how many pieces of furniture were produced but in today’s modern world, quite often people buy flat-packed furniture. Clearly cheaper than having bespoke pieces of furniture made, flat pack products are cut by machine with the various components and panels held together by screws, nails, dowels and glue. This mass production market has caused the number of specialist joinery services to decline.

However, interest in bespoke services such as joinery has once again increased as the discerning customer looks for quality in key pieces within their home. The upsurge in renovation and ‘build-it-yourself’ has also allowed joinery to become a popular choice in many projects.

S&D is a specialist renovation and building company,
proud to offer bespoke joinery in Glasgow.


What is joinery?

Joinery is a term used to describe a specialist trade which involves working with wood, including cutting and creating joints. Joinery, although similar, some argue is different to carpentry which is a more generalised approach to working with wood. Joinery tends to focus on detailed and intricate work, such as joints.

At one time, joints were often secured without additional fixings such as screws, nails or glue but as times change, and more demands are made from materials, some joinery services do now use glue and/or screws for added strength.

When would you need a joinery service?

Joinery services in Glasgow are usually used in building and renovation projects if there is a large amount of timber involved in the construction and will work alongside all the other major trades.

S&D provide joinery services in and around the Glasgow area, and cover a wide variety of items that can be made from wood to fit in with your project such as tables, bookcases, stairs, cabinets, chairs, windows as well as interior and exterior doors.

Joinery is also used in the creation and building of bespoke kitchens, an increasingly popular choice in home renovation and new-build projects. Kitchens in older properties and in bespoke buildings such as barns, rarely git with the ‘standard’ measurements and shapes of a modern home. Some customers in this instance do not want a modern or ‘fitted’ kitchen, opting instead for free standing – in other words, items of the kitchen furniture can be moved around the room. Joinery Glasgow based specialists S&D can help and advise you if you are thinking of creating a bespoke, customised kitchen.

It is the joints that are the most important aspect of any item made by a joiner as these are a skill. Joints need to be strong and created accurately so that they ‘dovetail’, forming a strong joint. By engaging a specialist joinery company such as S&D, you will get the finest in joinery!




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