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Garage Conversions Glasgow

Garage conversions – simpler than you think

Gone are the days when a garage simply housed the family car. Cars have got bigger, technology is changing and as the family grows, the garage might become a much needed storage space.

Garage conversions in Glasgow are becoming increasingly popular. There are several used for a garage from workshop to office, from play room to ‘teenage hang out’. Whatever you are thinking of using your garage for, you need to first ask the all-important question:

CAN my garage be converted?

Issue 1 - Legal issues

If you simply blunder on ahead in converting your garage, you may find you have opened the proverbial can of worms with regard to legal issues. Ignorance is no defence and so BEFORE you start designing or knocking walls down etc., checks these important issues first:

  • Restrictive clauses on your lease or deeds

Time to shuffle up into the attic 9or wherever you keep your important paperwork) as you need to check - and double-check - your deeds or lease etc. In some areas and developments, covenants were added to deeds etc. to stop any developments (including conversions) that would change or affect the external appearance of a property.


  1. It is possible, for a fee, in some cases to buy yourself out of these restriction (but this is not always the case)
  2. It may be possible to convert your garage internally, leaving the external appearance unaffected but seek advice first.
  • Planning permission

This is something that a building company, such as S&D Projects, experienced in garage conversions within Scotland can help you with. There are variations within Scottish planning permissions and restrictions, so take care when researching on the Internet that you have the correct and latest planning permission criteria.

What is planning permission?

Planning permission in Scotland is required in order to ‘build, erect, alter or change the use of land, a building, part of a building or structure’

Planning permission is not always required as it depends on the specifics of the project. Not obtaining permission or permits can cost you thousands in fines and possibly the demolition of your building! 

  • Building regulations

Garage conversions in Scotland, as in many other parts of the UK need to meet basic but stringent set of building regulations to ensure your garage is safe for you to use, for the purpose that you intend it for. You need to be aware that there may be instances in which your garage conversion may be denied such as:

  1. Your garage is listed or is attached/part of a listed building, More than likely, the external appearance will need to be maintained.
  2. If you garage conversion affects drainage, then you will need to seek a suitable solution. Clearly, this will add costs to your project.
  3. Insulating your garage is a must but with some planning requirements in some areas, there can be additional regulations that need to be met
  4. Shortage of parking in some areas may lead to some garage conversions in and around Glasgow being refused permission as there is already undue pressure on parking spaces.

Issue 2 – suitable for conversion?

Not many people consider this in the first instance and are disappointed to find that their garage might not stand up to the rigours of conversion (re-build is a solution but clearly has budget implications). Garage conversions Glasgow-based specialists S&D Projects can advise you further but as a general rule:

Single garages add 150 sq. Feet to your home
Double garages can be converted fully or partially
Tandem garages are similar to double garages with many customers option to convert to rear section of the garage
Standalone garages may need planning permission prior to conversion as they are a change in use.

Converting your garage is easier than you think! Contact S&D , your local garage conversions specialists’ offer their services to all Glasgow residents.

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