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Driveways Glasgow

How to choose the best driveway material for your drive

No two driveways are the same; they vary in length, width and shape. A driveway should enhance and complement you property both in terms of how it looks, and its value.

Driveways Glasgow

For this reasons, choosing a cobbled driveway may not complement the appeal of an ultra-modern home as they are more associated with older style properties. Choosing the right driveway material depend on a variety of factors.

Driveway design

If you are in the fortunate position that you can either design from scratch (with a new build) or re-deign your drive, then you can consider the shape of your driveway. Most driveways are straight to the garage, taking the shortest route, the height of functionality. If you ahve the space, you can opt for a U shaped or circular driveway but clearly the shape and size will affect what materials are best, and also your budget.

Factors to consider when choosing your driveway material are:

  • The overall design and aesthetic appeal of your home
  • Budget – some materials are more expensive than others but many companies specialising in driveways around Glasgow (such as S&D Projects) offer competitive packages that mean some materials may be within your financial reach
  • Elevation is also important. A flat drive will leave you with more options but an elevated driveway will mean that some materials will not be useable.
  • Do-it-yourself or not? Many people think that laying a new driveway is ‘easy’. It may be straightforward BUT if you don’t use the correct material in the right way, driveways will not last the test of time or weather.


Now you have the factors in mind, driveways Glasgow specialist company S&D offer this quick guide to a few popular driveway materials:


Design and aesthetics


Terrain and elevation

‘Do-it-yourself’ or not


Plain and hard looking therefore will not match or suit some house design and appearances.


New technologies means that concrete can be coloured and patterned too.

Incredibly cost effective

Good for uneven terrain or steeper driveways.

Best left to the experienced and skilled companies such as driveways specialist Glasgow company S & D 


Asphalt has had a bad press for a long time as a material that does not last for long. Correctly laid asphalt can last for 20 years or more. Brilliant in colder climates as it will not breakdown under snow or ice, asphalt need not been just black either; it can be coloured or stamped. Tar and chip (coloured gravel laid on top) can also add additional visual appeal.

Very cheap (when compared to the cost of other materials)

Great for longer and windier driveways.

Needs to be laid correctly with a deep gravel layer as a foundation.


Handsome and elegant appearance that will complement an older/elegant property although it can also ‘lift’ the appearance of others.

Can be pricey due to the best way of lying it is in layers...

Unsuitable. Will ‘fall down’ a steeper driveway when it rains.

Gravel driveways tend to be laid in layers – a thin layer first, followed by a layer with larger ‘pebbles’ and then the top layer of chosen colour and size. Can need topping up too at times.

Block paving

Paved or bricked driveways and roads can last an eternity and is the most durable material for driveways. A broken brick or block is easy to replace. If you have the budget, then a brick or paved driveway is both stunning and durable.

Expensive both in terms of material and labour.


Time consuming especially for a novice. Again best laid by a driveway specialist as incorrect foundation can lead to it moving/shifting/breaking etc.


No matter which material you choose, if the foundations underneath it are not laid correctly, then no driveway will last beyond a couple of years.

Contact driveways specialists and Glasgow-based company, S&D for competitive prices and quality workmanship.

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