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Thinking of a New Patio

Outside space in garden is great. But useable, all year round space in your garden is even better but how do you go about creating a patio area that will stay pristine and useable. So, if you considering adding, creating or updating your patio then you need to make sure you get it done properly so that it stays pristine and lasts. How do you go about doing that?


‘Outdoor living’ is a rapidly growing trend and a patio is a great way of creating this space. You only have to look in garden or home improvement magazines and you’ll see the wide range of options when it comes to material and designs that are open to you. In fact, there are so many now that it can be difficult to make a decision! So here are a few things you need to consider:

Budget – everyone’s first priority! How much you have to spend is important and don’t forget, it’s not just about the material used to make the patio, but installation costs as well. As patio installers in and around the Glasgow area, S & D Projects are a general building company with an established, excellent reputation for quality workmanship. You want your patio to last a long time and it is a significant investment on your part. A well laid, well designed patio can also add value to your home but only if it looks right.

Design – here at S&D Projects, we have a wide variety of shapes and sizes to choose from when it comes to designing your patio. Patio slabs have certainly moved on since in the invention of the grey ‘pavement’ type slabs and you may be surprised at the different sizes and shapes options you have to choose from. You can design your patio to be a stand-alone feature that can be achieved by using radius paving. When designing your patio, you need to consider the overall look you are hoping to achieve; some customers are looking for a formal looking area to complement their garden. Other customer have utilised patio space to build raised bed and use their space as a functional part of their garden. The designs and options are endless and with such an investment on your part, it is well worth considering all ideas!

Maintenancepatios and garden paths do need a little care and attention every now and then. Looking after your new patio will also help to increase its life and so repairing cracks etc. is a good idea. If your garden is north facing, you may also find that in damp conditions when the patio doesn’t get chance to ‘dry out’, you may find moss and lichen, for example, take hold. This can make your patio fairly hazardous and unsightly if left too long, but a well-planned and well laid patio will withstand the rigors of power-washing.  The key to your patio lasting is the laying of slabs etc. on a firm bed; if it isn’t, it WILL eventually subside and become uneven.

Choosing a contractor to lay your patio is an important consideration and you’ll find several patio installers in and around the Glasgow area. As well a competitive pricing, design ideas and materials available, basing you decision on reputation is a prudent way forward. Ask to examples of their work, either by using photographs or the installer themselves may be able to give you the location of previous work they have done, for you to see first-hand.

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