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There are numerous ways to improve your home but you need to make the decision that best suits your needs. As a home improvement company working in and around Glasgow, S & D Projects have an enviable reputation for providing an excellent building service, as well as competitive pricing. So what are the options for improving your home?


  • > Sun rooms and conservatories – these add an extra room that brings the garden into to your home. Conservatories do, in some instances need planning permission so check before you start planning your conservatory. There are also certain regulations that you need to meet, for example there needs to be a door between the main house and conservatory. You also need to think about usability of the conservatory in winter as without heat, they can be very cold. In summer, they also need to have adequate ventilation.
  • > Interior walls – we quite often live in houses that were designed and built in a bye gone era! Although we may love some of the period features in our homes, sometimes in modern day 21st century living, we need to use the square footage of our home more efficiently. We can help you move walls to create extra room but as with all proposed home improvements, you’ll need to check planning regulations first. It can be difficult – if allowed at all – the move walls in protected buildings.
  • > Extending – many customers look at this option as this can easily add an extra bedroom as well as extra living space downstairs. Designs and ideas for adding an extension to your home are wide and varied and this is probably the option that requires research and thought. It can also be the most expensive option but can add a great amount of value to your home.
  • > Loft conversion – again there are many different options to making your loft into a useable space. Some customers have created a large storage area in their loft whilst other customers have created fabulous loft playrooms/study areas. Again, planning regulations for loft conversions are strict as there are also fire regulations that need to be considered.
  • > Hard landscaping – the outside of your property is just as important for adding value, space and usability to your home, but is frequently overlooked. The garden is a great space and here at S&D Projects we have experience in creating and developing outdoor space such as patios and the use of artificial grass in gardens. Hard landscaping is a great way of adding kerb appeal to your property so if you are thinking of selling it might the factor that helps clinch the deal.

Choosing the right building company for you is important. Extending and improving your home is a very personal journey and you want the finished product to be right – and perfect! You want a building contractor who will care and have a passion to good design and build. Make sure you get plenty of quotes for the work and talk with the builders, and decide if you can see yourself working with them over a period of time. Recommendations from previous customers are also a good basis for your decision and remember, cheapest isn’t always the best!

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