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Artificial grass - a great low-maintenance idea for any garden

Installing artificial grass in your garden may not at the top of your list but with technological advancements in plastics and fade-resistant colours, artificial grass looks and feels just like the real thing – but without the mud, the re-seeding and cutting that a lawn requires.

artificial grass

In 2010, the sale of artificial grass increased by 35% and it has continued rising. The advantages of artificial grass are clear; as well being low maintenance, the advances in plastics technology mean that the artificial lawn can resist damage caused by dog urine. Several homeowners have invested in artificial grass as a means of cutting their real grass maintenance costs; one customer had a north facing lawn that just didn’t get the sun. This meant it was all year round mud bath when the dog or children went out to play. With an artificial lawn, the children can play out all year without bringing in tons of mud to the house.


S & D Projects, as well as building projects, are also artificial grass installers in and around Glasgow and can offer great ideas on how this ‘fake’ grass will look in your garden.

  • > Little maintenance - many people have come across artificial grass in a sporting environment and for ground keepers, is a great invention. Maintenance of artificial grass is nowhere near as arduous as ‘real’ grass. But, to get the most out of it and increase its life, then you do need to spend some time and care on it. You do need to rake or remove debris from the artificial lawn so that the ability to freely drain remains. Too much debris causes clogging; if rain or water cannot drain away, then it soon becomes a squidgy, unusable mess.
  • > Weeds can also form around artificial grass (usually sprouting for wind-blown seeds), especially if debris and soil etc. are allowed to collect on the surface. A firm, but gentle raking - or the use of a modern leaf blower - can help rid the artificial lawn, restoring it to its glory.
  • > Having been used in tough conditions of the sporting world, you can be sure that your artificial grass can stand up to most things, including extremes of weather.
  • > Artificial grass also has great durability and versatility. Recent advancements in technology means that the colour no longer fades and most types of artificial grass can resist the effects of heat and extreme cold.
  • > Artificial grass also has great drainage with advances in perforated plastics meaning that the lawn will drain well in harsh rain and snow.

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