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Sunrooms Glasgow

Sunrooms are a fabulous addition to any house but to get them ‘right’ you need to make sure that it is well-designed, with a good colour scheme, heating and ventilation meaning you can use it all year round.


Sunroom or Conservatory?

This really is down to individual preference. Conservatories are a great addition to anyone’s home but where sunrooms have an advantage is that they can feel a more robust addition as well as some other benefits;

A tiled roof means that insulation is vastly improved, meaning that many sunroom Glasgow customers are able to genuinely enjoy the space in winter. Summer time can make a conservatory too hot an environment to sit in and enjoy; a sunroom with a tiled roof and clever ventilation, will mean that it is a usable space, with a good balance of temperature. Some sunrooms can also be split level, and can really be an amazing addition to your home.

When you’ve made your choice, and have opted for a sunroom there are still some other key design features that you need to decide on to help you and your family get the best out of your sunroom addition to your property!

Colour schemes

The best colour schemes from sunrooms are soft pastel shades that increase the energy efficiency of the sunroom with the added benefit of making the room look bigger. Adding certain key accessories can also give it the final over ‘style’ of the room; some customers, for example, choose to add plants, an aquarium and wicker furniture to give it a ‘rustic’ feel.

Whichever colour scheme you use, you want the room to be usable all year round. Sitting in the sunroom, enjoying the afternoon Glasgow sun is an idyllic picture but, in winter, you don’t want to be sat with thermals on, shivering in cold or being in an uncomfortable, sauna like conditions in the summer! With S&D Projects, sunroom Glasgow customers can be confident that they’ll get a well-designed sunroom with a tiled roof, providing the all important insulation in winter and a cool area in summer.

Choosing colour

Light colour schemes have numerous benefits;

  • Energy efficiency – keeps the sunroom warm in winter and cool in the summer
  • A flexible blank canvas that blends well with furniture
  • Makes the sunroom appear bigger and cleaner feel

Balancing the Sunroom

Sunrooms soak in the sun’s rays; the very reason why you decided to extend your home with one! You can obtain balance in the sunroom by adding, like some previous customers, an aquatic element such as indoor water fall. The sound of the water adds a musical dimension to the room and truly becomes a place to relax.

Getting the right design of sunrooms for Glasgow customers is just one dimension to our service; the build is important too and you need to be confident that the final sunroom is of a quality build that will last the test of time, as well as being the sunroom that you have always wanted.

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